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iOptron IEQ45 2013 GOTO Equatorial Mount

iOptron IEQ45 2013 GOTO Equatorial Mount
iEQ45AZ Dual OTA AZ Mode iEQ45v1 mount with Altair Astro Imaging Newtonian OTA iEQ45v1 mount with Altair Astro Imaging Newtonian OTA iEQ45v1 mount closeup showing RS2323 port ST4 autoguiding ports iEQ45v1 mount showing illuminated polar scope iEQ45v1 mount and Takahashi Mewlon telescope Mewlon 250 on iEQ45v1 iEQ45v1 mount with Takahashi Mewlon 250 iEQ45v1 mount with Altair Astro Imaging Newtonian and guidescope iEQ45v1 iOptron Mewlon 250 iEQ45v1
Price: £1199.00
Incl. VAT 20% ( £199.83 )
Product code: IEQ45-2013
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The new iEQ45 2013 version with Field Tripod.
Initially, the iEQ45 v1 & 2 mount was aimed at the imaging enthusiast. Light-weight, high capacity, and fast easy setup with GPS polar alignment assistance made it a great mount for visual observers too - but it was always purely an equatorial mount until now. 
What's new? The new iEQ45 2013 retains all these features, however, it can be used with an optional Azimuth Base Adapter (#8050) in Alt-Azimuth Mode for visual observing or planetary webcam imaging and astro-video. This makes it extremely versatile and convenient because in Alt-Azimuth Mode, polar alignment is not necessary. That makes it even quicker and easier to start an observing session, using the accurate GOTO system to find thousands of objects in the night sky, and keeing them in the field of view at high power for many hours.
Equatorial Mode and imaging:  Equatorial Mode is of course best for long exposure imaging because there is no rotation of the star-field over time. In Equatorial Mode, the iEQ45-2013 remains a very quick mount to set up in the field, because it has an very accurate polar alignment scope, with built-in GPS to improve polar alignment and GOTO accuracy. A display on the hand controller shows you where to place the pole star within the illuminated polar scope reticule for greater precision.
Converting from Equatorial-Mode to Alt-Azimuth Mode: You can convert your iEQ45-2013 EQ mount to Alt-Azimuth Mode with the optional AZ Base (product code #8050) if you prefer visual observing this way, and back Equatorial Mode again for example if you want to take long exposure deep-sky images.
Mounting a second telescope in AZ Mode: When operating in Alt-Azimuth Mode, you can even mount an additional telescope where the counterweight shaft usually goes. You can observe using two telescopes in this way! For example, a small wide-field refractor and a longer focal length scope can be used in tandem. To add a second scope in Alt-Azimuth Mode, simply remove the counterweight shaft and replace it with the optional iEQ45 Secondary Dovetail Saddle/Shaft (product code #8055). This includes a dovetail clamp which accepts both the wider 3.0" US-Style dovetail plate or the narrower 1.75" 1.75" Japanese format dovetail bars for maximum compatibility. 
Optional light weight field pier: The lightweight, yet extremely rigid iOptron portable pier is also available separately. The pier legs and steel tensioning rods fit into the hollow pier cylinder for easy transport as a single unit. The pier legs are adjustable for levelling.
Weight and portability: The iEQ45 is the lightest mount in it's price range, and it's very easy to carry. The head weight (heaviest component) is only 9.7kg! The iEQ45 weighs less than half other mounts with the same carrying capacity. This is probably the best ratio on the market for a mount in this price range. (Please note, the stated capacity does not include the supplied counterweights, which weigh an additional 22lb. If you load the mount to it's 45lb maximum capacity, you'll need to balance it with approx. 45lb counterweights, in which case the mount will be carrying about 90lb total weight).
PC remote software control: Aside from the GPS and Polar Alignment asistance features, PC control is possible using planetarium software. For accurate autoguiding, an ST4 port is provided. The mount can record Periodic Error Correction data from 3rd party software to play it back and improve tracking accuracy even more. The brightness adjustable multi-line display hand control module is extremely easy-to-use, and contains an enormous 130,000 object database.
The iEQ45 is one of the most anticipated products, particulary amongst the astro-imaging community, and customers have captured some excellent long exposure images.
iEQ45 reviews and accolades:
Here's a link to a French Customer's review of the first version of the iEQ45 in French (with images) and the same iEQ45 review translated into English (sans images - use the French review to see the images). (Review credit P. Barrraud)
To find out about other user's experiences, we suggest joining the Yahoo Group for IEQ45 users, to share technical tips to get the most out of your new mount:

Horsehead Nebula Image Altair 115 805 APO

Above, an image of the Iris Nebula exposed for 12 Hours with the iEQ45 v1 mount and the Altair 115-805 ED Triplet APO & 3" flattener. Image credit: Olly Penrice of Les Granges Astronomy Holidays,
IEQ45-2013 feature highlights:
  • Ideal for entry-level and experienced astrophotographers alike.
  • NEW Dual Vixen-Japanese-format and Losmandy-US-format mounting clamp in one unit.
  • NEW Higher precision worm gear than previous models.
  • Portable steel field tripod included.
  • Can be used in Alt-Azimuth (for visual observing) or Equatorial mode (for imaging).
  • An additional telescope can be mounted with the optional counterweight shaft clamp.
  • Portable with very quick setup and very accurate GoTo slewing.
  • A higher payload capacity to wait ratio of 1.7 which is less than any comparable mount on the market.
  • Easy-to-use SmartStar controller with large multi-line backlit display, large 130,000 object database.
  • ST-4 autoguiding port capable of reverse guiding with auto-protection.
  • Programmable Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PEC).
  • Accurate tracking with temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO).
  • Gap-free structure for both R.A. and declination worms.
  • Built-in 32-channel GPS & Polar Alignment assistance.
  • #8407 controller with Advanced SmartStarTM GoTo Technology.
  • Mount firmware can be upgraded.
  • Supports ASCOM control through various astornomy software programs.
  • 2 inch heavy-duty stainless steel tripod.
  • Precision DC Servo motors for smooth torque, and accurate tracking.
  • High 0.09 Arc sec resolution encoders for increased pointing accuracy.
  • Thick 28mm Counterweight bar with zero flex. (Optional longer bars are available).
  • 2x 5kg Counterweights included - a total of 10kg.
  • Calibrated polar scope with dark-field illumination (so you can see background stars easily) and an easy software driven polar alignment procedure, allowing for fast and accurate polar alignment. Mount displays polar alignment accuracy and builds up a pointing model.
  • Meridian flip can be enabled or disabled for extra long imaging sessions.
  • Low power consumption - as low as 0.2 A while tracking.
  • Comes standard with: 2 x 5kg counterweights (22lb total), 12V DC car plug adaptor, cables.
  • All officially imported iOptron products sold by official distributor Altair Astro (and our European partner companies) have a unique serial number for warranty purposes, to help us support you.
Technical specifications:
Payload 45 lbs (20kg)
Mount Weight 11.4kg
Payload / Mount Weight Ratio 1.75
Right Ascension Worm Gear 216 Teeth (Gap-free)
Declination Worm Gear 192 Teeth (Gap-free)
Motor Drive Type Precision DC Servo
Encoder Resolution 0.09 Arc Seconds
Latitude Adjustment Range   5-70°
Azimuth Adjustment Range   ±6°
Counterweight Bar Ø28mm
Counterweight included 5kg x 2 Total 10kg
Field Tripod 2" Stainless Steel (8kg)
Polar Scope Included - dark-field illumination.
Ascension Axis   Ø50mm
Dovetail interface Dual Vixen / Losmandy dovetail.
Power Consumption 0.2A (Tracking) 1A (Slewing)
Power Requirement 12V DC (11-15V), 2 Amps
Transmission Hybrid drive
Level Indicator Precision Bubble
GPS Internal 32-channel GPS
PLEASE NOTE: Do not be concerned if the box appears to have been opened. All mounts are removed from their boxes, and checked. We then apply a unique one-off, anti-tamper serial number to every product supported under our warranty. An image of the serial number is shown below. Legitimate iOptron products purchased from Offical EU Distributor Altair Astro UK and our official European partners all have this unique serial number either on the mount as shown, or inside the battery compartment. This entitles you to two years of warranty support from date of purchase, provided you can produce the original sales invoice with that serial number on it and the serial number on the product isn't showing signs of tampering.
Altair iOptron Serial Number
To find out more about astro photography with the iEQ45 as well as other products such as the Skytracker, iEQ30, Smart EQ and ZEQ range of mounts, we suggest joining the existing iOptron Imaging Yahoo User Group: Click to join the iOptron Imaging Mount User Group (opens new window).
Click to join ieq45imaging

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