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Home > Telescopes > Ritchey Chrétien Astrograph telescopes > Altair Astro DeepField-250 Professional Grade 10" F8 Ritchey Chretien Astrograph

Altair Astro DeepField-250 Professional Grade 10" F8 Ritchey Chretien Astrograph

Altair Astro DeepField-250 Professional Grade 10" F8 Ritchey Chretien Astrograph
Altair Deepfield RC250 Ritchey Chretien Astrograph Altair Deepfield 10RC in SkyShed POD Spot Sizes for Altair Deepfield 250mm RC Telescopes Altair Deepfield 10RC in SkyShed POD Altair Deepfield 10RC in SkyShed POD Altair Deepfield 10 RC 250 in SkyShed POD Altair Deepfield 10RC in SkyShed POD
Price: £5799.00
Incl. VAT 20% ( £966.50 )
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Product code: RC250-DF-PRO
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A 10" F8 carbon fibre truss tube Ritchey Chretien astrograph, 100% designed and manufactured in UK/Europe, to the highest specification.

The Altair DeepField Ritchey Chretien design is a professional observatory grade imaging instrument, suitable for schools, colleges and universities, or advanced amateur astronomers who want the best quality on the market. The complete design has taken over a year to complete and test, having been through three iterations.

This version of the Altair Deepfield RC has an optical system made by our European partner with guaranteed Strehl of 0.94 or higher and a test certificate. The primary mirror is made from Supremax 33 and the secondary is made from fuzed Quartz. Optical sets are made-to-order and take about 2-3 months to complete from order-time. An optional two-element field flattener is available which is optimized for the particular spherical correction of the Deepfield optical design. Each optical set is generated and polished as a set and tested several times on a laser interferometry system, before coating in aluminium with a silicon dioxide overcoat. Each telescope comes with an optical test report which takes both primary and secondary mirrors into account as a complete system.

We have chosen a truss-tube design because of the better thermal characteristics afforded by air circulation around the optics, almost eliminating the contrast-robbing effects of boundary air current layer formation, as well as allowing the optics to come to thermal equilibrium faster. This is also an extremely rigid design, which ensures optimum performance for the most demanding imaging requirements.

Product features and scope of delivery:

  • Ritchey Chretien F8 optical system made in Europe.
  • Carbon Fibre Truss tube telescope with accurately CNC machined components (no casting).
  • Weight 14kg.
  • Optical test report guaranteed Strehl of 0.94 at the focuser i.e. combined for both mirrors.
  • 2x 180mm Losmandy dovetail plates. (Handle shown is optional).
  • 3.0" Starlight Feathertouch Focuser, made in the USA. Can be fully automated with optional motor drive system.
  • Quartz secondary mirror with Supremax 33 primary.
  • Optional Custom Flat Field Corrector matched for this particular mirror system. (Adapters for your particular camera will need to be made separately please contact for advice).
  • 44mm flat field image circle with corrector.
  • The flattener can be removed for spectrometry/photometry quickly and easily, and reattached without collimation adjustment.
  • Super-easy collimation combined push/pull adjustment screws on rear mirror.
  • Optional high quality transport case with wheels and 3x handles.
  • Carbon Fibre secondary mirror support vanes.
  • All CNC machined baffles and chassis.
  • Camera tilt adjustment plate on the rear of the telescope.

"Altair Astro DeepField Ritchey Chretien telescope optics are tested many times during production. The wave-front error of the complete optical system (consisting of both primary and secondary mirror as a set) must meet a minimum standard of at least 0.94 Strehl Ratio when exiting the focuser but without flattener). Each telescope is shipped with a screen-shot showing the final interferometric analysis of the wave-front produced by the particular set of optics in the telescope. This screenshot includes a computer-analysis of the wave-front produced on the test bench. Please note, in the interests of accuracy, astigmatism and coma values are not suppressed on the optical test report. Interferogram results can vary slightly with alignment of the optics when tested, ambient vibrations in the laboratory, and with random air currents - though precautions are  of course taken to minimise these factors just as in any optical laboratory. The test report is to be treated like a photographic record, and each test report is unique to your telescope."

Please note: Please disregard the “Out of stock” note above, it’s merely website software feature we can’t disable. This is a special-order product, and each telescope is hand made to order, being a unique telescope in it’s own right. It therefore cannot be ordered online like other products on the website. Wait time is about 2-3 months or sometimes longer. For more information, or for a special quote including accessories, mount, pier or observatory, please get in touch by clicking the product enquiry link, or contact us via the usual channels.

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