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9x50mm RACI illuminated finder scope kit for Lightwave refractors

9x50mm RACI illuminated finder scope kit for Lightwave refractors
50mm RACI Finder Kit for Lightwave / William Optics refractors QRB Quick Release Bracket for Lightwave 50mm RACI Finder Scope 50mm Finder Bracket with Curved Quick Release Base for Lightwave William Optics 50mm Finder for Lightwave / William Optics Quick Release Base
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The Lightwave Deluxe 50mm RACI Finder Scope has a Quick Release Bracket with curved base, which fits the Altair Lightwave 60mm and 80mm refractor telescopes, as well as most Skywatcher and William Optics telescopes with an M4 or M5 thread on the focuser collar.

For Altair Lightwave telescopes, you attach the QRB by removing the small black plastic blanking screws (if present) on either side of the focuser. Everything you need is included to attach the finder scope bracket to the Lightwave focuser, plus an extra countersunk screw for other optical tubes such as William Optics.

RACI stands for "Right Angle Correct Image" which means the image is orientated the same way it appears on a star-chart or to the naked eye and is not reversed like most straight-through finder scopes.

The deluxe 50mm RACI finder has a high quality 50mm F4 achromatic doublet FMC objective lens (fully multicoated on all air-to-glass surfaces) with a high quality FMC erect image prism diagonal, terminating in a 1.25" helical focuser. The helical focuser maintains focuser very well and is very precise. It accepts standard 1.25" astro-eyepieces.

A 23mm eyepiece with illuminated reticule is included which provides 9x magnification. The reticule is laser-etched, is independently focusing to match your prescription. It creates a very sharp and precise glowing red line against the dark sky background making finding objects very easy. Reticule brightness is controlled by twisting the rear knurled grip on the illuminator. The reticule is visible as a black line during the daytime.

The bracket and base are CNC machined with a smooth glossy black anodised finish. The rings have a 75mm internal diameter, and the alignment thumbscrews are hard coated with an bright anti-corrosion finish, with nylon tips to contact the optical tube. The finder scope optical tube is matte white powder coated to match the Altair Lightwave / William Optics optical tubes. The small dewshield and optical tube are blackened internally for high contrast. Front and rear dust caps are included.


  • 50mm F4 finder scope optical tube with RACI prism and 1.25" helical focuser
  • 2x 75mm ID finder scope rings with 6x threaded knobs to adjust the finder pointing direction.
  • 1x Special Curved Quick Release Base for the finder stalk, which fits Lightwave, William Optics and most Skywatcher focusers. (When packing away your scope, simply remove the finder and stalk as one unit by loosening the side-screw).
  • 1x Raised finder stalk to clear the tube rings and dewshield of your main scope and fit into the curved Quick Release Base or "QRB", which fits Altair TT-Series RC Astrograph finder mounting base directly.
  • A set of screws to fit the curved QRB to your Lightwave, William Optics and most Skywatcher focusers. (Remove the black plastic grub screws near the front of the focuser at 9 or 6 o'clock and attach the quick release base to either threaded hole. The bracket can be left on the scope in it's case.)
  • Front knurled dust cap and rear dust plug.
  • Telescopes shown in gallery pictures are obviously not included. The image is for illustration purposes to show attachment to the focuser.
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