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Daystar QUARK CALCIUM H-Line Filter

Daystar QUARK CALCIUM H-Line Filter
Altair GPCAMV2 Daystar Calcium Quark Calcium H-Line Quark Visual Approximation through eyepiece Altair GPCAMV2 Image Daystar Calcium Quark, Starwave 102 Classic F11  - Nick Daystar Calcium Quark Mono Camera Daystar Calcium Quark Altair 102 Classic GPCAM2 Mono Camera
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Add 1.25" ERF filter for energy rejection
Daystar Quark CALCIUM H-Line Eyepiece 
Calcium H-Line - the narrowband Calcium filter which is visible to the human eye!
Many astronomers forget that the Calcium H-line (397nm) and K-line (393nm) yield virtually identical views of the Sun.
Solar researchers who only image the Sun with CCD cameras often choose the K-Line for purely research purposes.
Sadly, with Calcium K-line filters, many older astronomers are unable to see the lower wavelength and miss out on all the fun.* We offer higher wavelength Calcium H-line filters for visual observers so that most clients can enjoy the Sun's features as seen at the Calcium wavelength. Needless to say the Calcium Quark is also perfectly suitable for imaging.
The Calcium Quark is design to be used with Refractors having a focal ratio of F/7 or greater. Just insert in your diagonal, add an eyepiece and view. Short focal ratio refractors will need a telecentric to get the best performance. Of course for high magnification views a telecentric will be needed to maintain the bandpass performance of the etalon.
Exact filter bandpass will vary based on final telescope application. No specific FWHM bandpass is designated, but it will be around 5Å. The fully optimized design eliminates the need for any adapters. It's all combined in one lightweight eyepiece sized device. The new, compact design configuration eliminates unnecessary components, weight and associated costs. Baffles have been added to increase contrast and AR coatings are optimized for the 397nm wavelength. We even reduced power consumption, so the Quark can now operate all day off a small, palm-sized optional battery pack.
The Calcium Quark can NOT be used with normal front mount ERF's as those are designed to block the Calcium wavelengths used. Instead, we recommended using a 125" ERF cut filter* for safety on scopes up to 100mm*. For larger scopes up to 150mm a Blue filter is suggested as this performs a greater degree of energy rejection.
*A suitable ERF cut filter should be used before the filter. Order in the dropdown menu opposite. This filter (unlike other ERFs on the market) will allow the blue wavelengths through. Other ERFs will cut off at 400nm which blocks the H-line.
Recommended Altair refractors for use with Daystar Calcium Quark:  
  • Starwave 80ED F7 ED Doublet
  • Starwave 102ED F7 ED Doublet
  • Starwave 102ACR F11 Achromatic Doublet (for surface detail at higher powers)
  • Altair Wave Series 102mm ED Triplet APO
Product specification:
  • Calcium H line (3968.5Å), approx 5Å FWHM.
  • 1.25" eyepiece snout with safety indent slot directly into your diagonal or focuser
  • Standard 1.25 eyepiece drawtube output with optional 2" accessories available.
  • Brass compression ring to protect eyepiece. Uses USB power, 5v 1.5amp Includes 90-240VAC wall adapter with international plug adapters.
  • Optional 8-hour battery pack available.
  • Integrated 25mm blocking filter, 21mm clear filter aperture. No barlow or focusing elements included.
  • Best performance with F/7 - F/30 refractors full aperture.
  • Full disk viewing possible on refractors up to ~1800mm focal length
  • No aperture limitations. May be used on larger refractors for higher magnification views
  • Ships in convenient Twist-Case for safe, dust-free storage.

* In fact, even youngsters struggle to see detail in K-Line images. 

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