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Pegasus DSLR Buddy - Power & Dew Control

Pegasus DSLR Buddy - Power & Dew Control
Pegasus DSLR Buddy with iOptron Skytracker Dew Zap Power Cord DR-400 Dummy DSLR Battery DR-E5 Dummy DSLR Battery DR-E6 Dummy DSLR Battery DR-E8 Dummy DSLR Battery DR-E10 Dummy DSLR Battery
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DSLR Buddy gives astrophotographers in the field the two things they need most. Power for the camera, and dew-control for the lens.
It provides a constant power supply to a DSLR camera by replacing the battery with the included battery adapter. You can power a camera all night long without interruption.
DSLR Buddy will stop night or daytime condensation on your lens by means of a dew-heater with standard RCA jack available separately. Plug in a dew heater, wrap it around your lens, and it will remain dew-free throughout your imaging session. 
A 2m 12v angled power cable is included, with a car lighter plug, compatible with most field power solutions.
Constant Power Supply to DSLR Camera
Plug the dummy battery to your DSLR and forget about replacing your battery every time it drains of power. Connect a 9- 15V power supply to the DSLR buddy and power on your camera with stable and constant voltage for the whole night long!
Built in Single Channel RCA Dew Heater Output
DSL Buddy has a built in Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle control output for running a Dew Heater or Flat-field lightbox which can provide more than 5A of current. For larger lenses, we reccommend the DewZapper 3-4" DSLR dew heater, which is powerful enough to keep your DSLR lens frost and moisture-free. For small lenses or around 50mm, the 2" DewZapper heater will suffice. For telescopes, use the larger Dewzapper or Kendrick dew heaters.
Simple rotary knob control
You can manually dim the output using the knob on the top of the DSLR Buddy.
A red light (PWM duty cycle indicator) changes brightness when you adjust the dew controller power knob.
Reverse Polarity Protection
The device is designed to be protected from reverse voltage polarity. No worries if you accidentally reverse connect your power source.
1 Year return to base warranty
Covers the DSLR Buddy Controller against defects in workmanship. Note we cannot offer a warranty for equipment connected to "DIY" dew heaters, so we strongly recommend using a professional dew heater.
Compact size
66 x 66 x 28 mm
In the Box:
DSLR Buddy Controller
DSLR battery adapter (depending on your choice of camera) plus two meter length right angled cable.
12v Car-Cigarette Lighter Power Cable 1.8m length (fits a wide variety of power sources).
Supported DSLR Batteries (choose the product code in the option menu when ordering):
(Nikon will also be supported in the near future)
Compatible with:
Canon 450D Rebel XSi
Canon Digital Rebel XS (digital)
Canon Digital Rebel XSi
Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EOS 450D
Canon EOS 500D
Canon EOS Kiss F
Canon EOS Kiss X2
Canon EOS Kiss X3
Canon EOS Rebel T1i
PEG-DB-DR-E6 (Canon leadership cameras)
Canon 5D Mk II, 5D Mk III, 6D, 60D, 60Da, 7D, 70D
PEG-DB-DR-E8 (Canon medium range cameras)
Compatible with Canon EOS 700D, Canon EOS 650D, Canon EOS 600D, Canon EOS 550D. 
PEG-DB-DR-E10 (Entry camera models)
Compatible with Canon EOS 1100D and 1200D.
PEG-DB-DR-400 (Older camera models)
Compatible with Canon 5D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 10D, D60, D30 
Optional dew heaters:
1. DewZapper 3-4" DSLR (product code DEWH-34-DSLR) High Power Heater - powerful enough to keep a DSLR lens or telescope frost and dew free.
2. DewZapper 2" Heater (product code DEWH-2) - recommended for smaller 50mm lenses.
3. For telescopes 100mm or larger choose the appropriate heaters in the DewZapper range.
An example of the DewZapper 3-4" DSLR Heater (product code DEWH-34-DSLR), attached to a camera lens, tightly secured by means of the elasticated velcro tab. The power connector plugs into the DSLR-Buddy:
DSLR Camera Lens Dew Heater Defogger Defroster
Technical information:
Supply Voltage 9-15V DC (Reverse Polarity Protected). 12V DC is preferred
Power Input Connector 2.1mm Centre Positive Socket
DSLR Output 3.5mm Mono Jack (pin is positive), DC 8V
Dew Heater or Flat Panel Output 1 x Standard RCA Jack used on all dew heaters (5A max current)
Dimensions 66 mm x 66 mm x 28 mm
DSLR Buddy is the ULTIMATE accessory for iOptron Skytracker owners. Here's the optimum setup for all-weather imaging. The DSLR-Buddy provides power to a Canon 5D through the dummy DLSR battery, and the lens is protected from condensation with a geniune Nichrome DewZapper Dew Heater. The rechargeable Skytracker has a built-in battery chargeable through a USB port, and can track for days on a single charge so it doesn't require external power. For a power supply, and 12v source will do i.e Lesiure battery, AGM Leisure battery, or the new ultra-portable Lipo and LiFe batteries on the market. This is simply the most compact, accurate star tracking system available, period! Contact us for a deal on these items.
DLSR Buddy with iOptron Skytracker
Please note: DSLR Buddy is fully tested and compatible with the professional DewZapper or Kendrick dew heater ranges. We do not recommend thin-film or "thickfilm" nor any film laminate type resistor heaters for any application, due to their inherent unreliability, brittleness and lack of moisture-proofing. These are often found cheaply on eBay, Amazon etc. Do yourself a favour, and get a proper nichrome / sealed silicon heater from a reputable manufacturer to protect your valuable equipment.
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