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Pegasus Motor Focus Kit for Refractors v3

Pegasus Motor Focus Kit for Refractors v3
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Market price: £189.99
New version 3. Same features, more powerful motor outputs in a compact size!
The Pegasus Universal Motor Focus Controller is a perfect match for visual astronomers and astro photographers.
The V3 controller supports full manual and digital operation for imaging or visual use. It's fully PC ASCOM compliant and the drivers are VERY easy to use and install compared to most focuser systems. The Pegasus software control system is considered to be one of the highest quality and most hassle-free commercial focusing solutions on the market today.
Simply order the Pegasus Motor Control Box and the corresponding Pegasus high resolution Stepper motor for your telescope listed below.
Pegasus motors are accurate, fast and powerful, with a high resolution, low backlash gearbox. 0,06 degree steps easily lift over 6Kg per cm. The High torque system easily moves heavy imaging equipment. The motor gearbox has low backlash, which can easily tuned out using backlash compensation in imaging software. An RJ45 socket pinout can be easily converted to a compatible pinout with Moonlite and Robofocus controllers.
While we recommend the Pegasus motors due to their extremely high quality, ultra-low backlash gearboxes, and high torque, you can even power almost any existing 12v DC Servo or Stepper focuser motors with the Pegasus Motor Focuser Controller.
 Pegasus Control Box
After reading the descriptions below, choose your options in the dropdown menu above.
"Motor Control Box" - add the control box if you don't have one already, then choose a stepper motor kit to suit your telescope below. (If you already have a stepper or servo motor installed, and want a better control system we may be able to adapt it, please enquire). 
  • Order code: PEG-MF3-CBOX consists of:
  • v3 Motor Focus control box with hand control knob and USB port.
  • Power Cable with 12V Car Lighter socket plug.
  • Temperature Sensor 1m length
  • USB type B cable
  • £189.99
"UNIVERSAL Stepper Motor Kit - with the universal stepper motor kit, you can drive almost any refractor or Newtonian telescope focuser (see examples and videos below). 
  • Order code: PEG-MF3-MOTOR-UN consists of:
  • High Resolution Stepper Geared Motor (Step Angle 7.5, Deg 120, Gear Ratio 1:120)
  • Motor Coupler (4mm to 8mm shaft OD) 3 screws ensure that you will securely lock (on axis) to different spindle-shaft diameters.
  • Universal Black Anodised Thick Aluminium Bracket for Motor (does not bend) including fixing hardware.
  • Serial Cable for Stepper motor (1.5m)
  • £95.00
NEW "Stepper Motor Kit for Celestron C6 C8 C9.25 SCTs" - fits Celestron SCTs! Pulley & Belt design moves motor away from filter wheels and focal reducers. Sophisticated bracket design fits all Celestron SCTs. 
  • Order code: PEG-MF3-MTR-SCT689 consists of:
  • High Resolution Stepper Geared Motor (Step Angle 7.5, Deg 120, Gear Ratio 1:120)
  • SCT Motor, Belt Drive, Pulley, Bracket, and fixing hardware.
  • Serial Cable for Stepper motor (1.5m)
  • £170.00
NEW "Stepper Motor Kit for Celestron C11 SCTs" - fits Celestron SCTs:
  • Order code: PEG-MF3-MTR-SCT11 consists of:
  • High Resolution Stepper Geared Motor (Step Angle 7.5, Deg 120, Gear Ratio 1:120)
  • SCT Motor, Belt Drive, Pulley, Bracket, and fixing hardware.
  • Serial Cable for Stepper motor (1.5m)
  • £170.00
Extra Bracket for UNIVERSAL Stepper Motor - if you already have a controller, and motor and want another bracket for a refractor or Newtonian telescope:
  • Order code: PEG-MF3-BKT
  • Universal Black Anodised Thick Aluminium Bracket for Motor (does not bend) including fixing hardware.
  • £35.00
Extra Cable for Stepper Motor:
  • Order code: PEG-MF3-CABLE
  • Cable to connect the stepper motor to controller.
  • £30.00

Dual Motor Focuser Features:

Just like using a manual focuser for visual observing or planetary imaging! A manual operation by utilising the digital encoder on the top of the controllersimulates the knob of your real focuser. Turn the knob just like the knob on your telescope’s focuser. If you press the knob, the speed of the motor will be reduced by 1/10 speed, just like the fine focuser knob found on most dual speed focusers.
Out of the box support for PC control. The controller can be operated by PC using its USB 2 connectivity.
Robofocus & Rigel USBnStep compatible connector pin out. Motor output is fully compatible with “Robofocus ©” pin out. Please contact Altair Astro for the special adapter cable.
Temperature compensation. An external digital temperature sensor input is located near the motor connector. A digital probe of one (1) meter length is supplied. The probe can be placed near the focuser so the exact temperature of the focuser / environment can be seen through the supplied software or ASCOM driver
DMFCv3 upports two motor types: DC Servo Motors and Unipolar Stepper Motors. It can drive relative and absolute position motors.
Dual mode motor selection switch. Mode can be instantly changed from ‘stepper’ to ‘dc’ motor with a switch on the unit.DC motors are controlled by Pulse Width Modulation or "duty cycle control". High Resolution Stepper motors are controlled by absolute position (most accurate method for focusing). A dual colour LED (Red/Green) indicates the focusing mode. The LED can be switched on or off in the software during an observing session.
Power cable included (in premium package.) 12v cable with male car-lighter socket.
Firmware upgrade support. Controller firmware supports reprogramming via the USB 2.0 connection using upgrade software, for future upgrades.
1 Year warranty on focuser controller, motor and temperature sensor.


The controller is fully compatible with ASCOM 6 and can easily be controlled with a computer.

Standalone program supported. The controller can be operated by the standalone DMFC software. (Only available for Windows)

For focusers with fixing points underneath, the universal L-Bracket can be fitted directly to the focuser. This includes most Altair Astro focuser. 

The 3.0" CNC Crayford focuser found on early Wave Series refractors and Starwave ED Doublets:

The 2.0" white CNC Crayford focuser found on late 2016 Starwave ED Doublets, Astrotech, William Optics, TS, etc.

The 2.5" Deluxe CNC focuser found on Wave Series refractors.

The 2.5" GSO focuser.

For telescopes without fixing points on the focuser underside, you can connect the universal L-Bracket to your Altair Losmandy-format or Vixen-format dovetail plate by means of a simple bolt, nut and washer.

How to fit motor focuser to Skywatcher or Takahashi focusers

NEW Motor Coupler has 3x grub screws to keep centred on any shaft from 5-6mm diameter. 

Pegasus Stepper Motor Focuser Coupler

Technical Specifications:
Supply Voltage 12Volt DC via provided car-lighter socket cord.
Power Input Connector 2.1mm Centre Positive Socket
Motor Compatibility DC motor – adjustable frequency PWM
Unipolar stepper motors
Bipolar stepper motors
Motor Output DC motor, max 1 Amp
Unipolar / stepper motors, max 2.0 Amps (1.0 Amps per phase)Continuous output current per channel: 1 A
Peak output current per channel: 3 A
Continuous paralleled output current: 2 A
USB Connectivity USB 2.0 Type B plug
Thermal Sensor Resolution 9-bit Celsius temperature measurements
Motor Connector D Sub 9 female connector
Dimensions 66mm x 66mm x 28 mm
Pegasus Motor Focus FAQ:
Q: In which focusers does Pegasus Motor Focuser fit?
A: Universal L-Bracket fits on the following focusers, ** means with dovetail plate or bar:
Orion Optics UK default focuser
GSO (Altair RC focuser)
Takahashi (FSQ85,FSQ106)**
Moonlite (2”, 2.5”)
Baader (Steel track)
Synta / Skywatcher Focuser Refractors **
Altair Astro (2”, 2.5”, 3”)
Starlight (2”, 2.5”) **
Q: What type of stepper motor does the DMFC support?
A: Bipolar and Unipolar Motors. Can deliver 1Amp per coil. 2Amps in total.
Q: Does DMFC support Robofocus and Moonlite Motors?
A: Yes, controller uses same pinout. Just plug your motor and play
Q: Does DMFC support Rigel Stepper Motors?
A: Yes, but you need a custom RJ12 to DB9 cable. Contact us for details to order one.
Q:Does DMFC support Meade zero image shift focuser?
A: Yes, Meade zero image shift focuser has a DC motor. You will need a custom “mini Stereo -> DB9” cable. Contact us for details to order one.
Q: Does DMFC support JMI Motofocus?
A: Yes, Motofocus is a DC motor. DMFC fully supports these types of motors.  You have to include in your order the “Cable for DC pulse motors”
Q: Does DMFC support 5V Stepper motors?
A: Yes, but you have to provide a 5V DC power supply to Pegasus DMFC controller (instead of 12V DC).
Q: Does DMFC support Starlight Micro Touch Focus Motors?
A: Yes, Starlight motors are 5V motors. You need to do two things:
1. Supply 5V DC power to the Pegasus DMFC (instead of 12V DC)
2. Get a custom RJ12 -> DB9 cable to connect your motor. Contact us for details.
Q: What about the motor coupler you provide. Only one size?
A:Coupler has 3 screws and can attach any shaft from 4mm to 8mm. These 3 screws ensure that you will securely lock (on axis) different shaft diameter.
Q: Is Pegasus Stepper Motor efficient / strong enough to move the focuser under high load.
A: Absolutely. Its gearbox has very low backlash, high resolution and its torque is very high. The motor can move the focuser with all the imaging equipment when the telescope points to the zenith. You will never have a problem with slippage from the motor side of things, however the focuser may itself slip. 
Q: My telescope has 1:10 micro focuser knob and standard. Which should I couple the motor to?
A: We don't recomment the 1:10 shaft as it will be extremely slow. To notice a visible change in the star point you will need more than 200 steps in a > f/6 telescope. The motor has a very precise gearbox with reduction to 1:100. This means it's step is divided to 120 smaller parts. If you consider the controller is making a half step movement each time, this will produce very accurate, but very slow movements. Effectively you'll have 1:10 reduction from your focuser, 1:100 reduction from the motor, and /2 (half step reduction from controller). The motor is a 48 step motor @ 7.5 degrees per step 7.5 x 48 = 360 degrees.
So if you have a 120/1 gearbox that would be 48 x 120 = 5760 steps. 5760 x 10 (your 1:10 reduction shaft) = 50.760 = 0.007 degrees. This is in the scale of microns. Some customers will feel this is too slow for their needs. Perhaps for a very very fast telescope like an Astrographs at f/2.8 -f3.0 it should be OK, but for an RC or refractor it's not needed and, will just make large focus changes too time consuming.
Q:Where should I place the temperature sensor?
A: Just place it near or under the focuser out of the way. After some time telescope setup will equalise its temperature to the environment.
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Additional 9.5 kg counterweight for iEQ45 CEM60 mount
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Pegasus ULTIMATE PowerBox USB Control Hub
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