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Starwave 70ED Refractor & Mini-AZ Mount COMBO Package

Starwave 70ED Refractor & Mini-AZ Mount COMBO Package
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This package includes the Starwave 70ED refractor with Diagonal, RDF Finder, 17mm quality eyepiece, plus the Starwave Mini-AZ Mount.

Now you can get a high quality portable refractor with genuine ED optics, and a super portable AZ mount, to take your telescope anywhere!

All you need to supply is your own camera tripod with a standard 3/8" thread on the top.

About the Starwave 70ED refractor kit:

  • Featuring ED optics, the travel-friendly Starwave 70mm F6 ED Doublet refractor can be taken anywhere.
  • The optical tube folds down to just under 30cm length with the dewshield retracted, and weighs about 2kg.
  • The Starwave 70ED is capable of both visual observation and wide-field imaging in a single telescope.
  • The included accessories are high quality items, designed to do the Starwae 70 ED optics justice.

In the box - Starwave 70ED Refractor kit:

  • Starwave 70mm F6 ED Doublet optical tube with 2" Dual Speed Crayford focuser, multi reticule variable brightness RDF finder with metal body and quick release mounting stalk.
  • 1.25" Dielectric Diagonal 99% reflective.
  • Quality wide field 17mm Eyepiece with 65° APOV, 16mm Eye Relief, 1.25" barrel and dust caps giving 25x magnification.
  • Case with strap, padded foam inserts, and space for accessories. * (see note at bottom of page)
  • 2"-1.25" Push-Fit Adapter.
  • Front and rear dust caps.

About the Starwave Mini-AZ Mount kit:

  • Quick to set up and intiutive to use with easy tension controls on both axes.
  • Perfect for visual astronomy with a small refractor. No power needed, no polar aligment needed (like for Equatorial Mounts), just point and go!
  • Fits any camera tripod with standard 3/8 thread (if 1/4, just use a 3/8 to 1/4 converter)
  • Has optional extension arm, stainless steel counterweight, and counterweight shaft.
  • Packs down tiny for travel. 
  • Optional L-Bracket for Photo lens or spotting scopes with 1/4" thread fitting.
  • Designed for compact refractors like the Starwave 70ED and 80ED, spotters or even a camera and large telephoto lens.
  • Vixen format clamp - spring loaded with captive clamp.
  • 80mm removable side-arm-extension to allow longer optical tubes to clear the tripod legs.

In the box - Starwave Mini-AZ mount kit: 

  • Mount head.
  • Vixen-format clamp.
  • 1kg Stainless Steel Counterweight & shaft.
  • 80mm side arm extension.

Starwave Mini-AZ Mount Specifications:

  • Total weight 1.5kg (Head, extension arm & clamp)
  • Stainless Steel Counterweight 1kg
  • Counterweight shaft 20cm
  • Head height 95mm
  • Head width 100mm 
  • Head depth 55mm
  • Extension arm length 80mm.
  • Distance of Vixen-Style clamp from centre pivot-point with extension in place = 155mm
  • Distance of Vixen-Style clamp from centre pivot-point without extension = 60mm

Some accessory ideas:

  • Pegasus DEWZAP dew controller (code: PEG-DEWZAP) or Kendrick Std. Dew controller (code: 2001-DUAL).
  • Dewzapper 3/4" heater (code: DEWH-34), which will stop dew formation on the front lens.
  • Altair Lightwave 12.5mm Planetary eyepiece. (code: LW-PL55-12.5).
  • Altair Lightwave 45 degree correct-image diagonal for daytime "right way up" viewing with the 70ED (code: LW-125-45-DIAG).
  • Altair Astro Solar Wedge or Kendrick solar filter. (code: KAI-6003 & SOLWEDGE).
  • Daystar Quark Hydrogen Alpha Eyepiece for amazing views of our nearest star - a proven combination with the 70ED (code: DSZ4C1.

Starwave 70ED Review: 

Click here to read the Sky at Night Magazine Starwave 70ED refractor review (new window)
iOptron Sky Guider review vs Sky Adventurer Polarie SkyTracker

* Please note: The case is sold as "packaging only" and is provided with this telescope to protect it during shipping. The product guarantee does not extend to damage of the case during shipping, nor failure of the case, catches, zips, foam, or other fittings, and you are not being charged for the case when buying a telescope. If the case has absorbed damage, it is considered to have fulfilled it's function to protect the contents (which are of course guaranteed to arrive undamaged).

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Nick Sayer
    I've got this on my slik tripod. It's my holiday scope. Good quality telescope and mount for the same price as wobbly plastic gadgets. The sales guy said theres no plastic in this product and even kids can use it and he was right.
  • Author: Trish Darne
    we bought this telescope at the shop and they were very helpful. Simple and easy to use. We really enjoyed the recent moon thing and the views are very sharp. Unfortunately no case for the mount top so we carry it around in a camera bag.
  • Author: Peter Durante
    a very nice little thing and it's a family event when we take it out for the moon. I live in Norfolk so it's ideal for spotting as well with the 45 degree adapter. We were surprised to find a shop like this in Aylsham I have to say.
  • Author: Ed harris
    I'm probably not even using half of it's abilities but I can see how well made this scope is because the views are so sharp and colourful. Two things - one everything is upside down and I didn't realise this but apparently this is normal, so you need the extra prism to use it for daytime viewing. The other thing - instructions would be nice because I had the red dot finder the wrong way round for a while before realising! But really I can't complian the quality is very good. Ed
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