Altair 0.8x M54 Reducer for 72EDF Wave Series Refractor

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Product information

Dedicated reducer with correct spacing for Altair 72EDF refractor.

You can connect to APS-C DSLR's, CMOS and CCD cameras such as Altair Hypercam, converting your telescope into a fast F4.8 flat-field astrograph. Focal length becomes 346mm.

  • Remove unscrew the rear 2" push-fit adapter from the 72EDF focuser, revealing the M54 rear thread, and screw the flattener into the focuser for a rigid fit.
  • The camera-facing rear thread is M48 male.
  • For use with the Hypercam (which has a female T-Thread on the front) use the Altair T2M-M48F adaptor to change from M48 to T2-Thread.
  • Spacing from rear flat shoulder of the flattener to the CCD film plane is 55mm and you can use the Altair Astro M48 or T-thread spacer system to fine-tune the optimum distance for your camera sensor and filter setup, or add a filter holder and so-on. Please check the flattener to camera spacing instructions for more info.

FAQ: Why does this reducer also have a "field flattener" function? All refractor lens systems exhibit some natural field curvature which, while not relevant for visual observation, can be visible in images. This field flattener/reducer screws directly into the rear focuser rotator of your refractor, converting it into an astrograph with a flatter photographic field than the existing lens system. 

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Product Code RED72M54
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