Altair 100mm 45 Giant Observation Binoculars with 18mm UF eyepieces

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Product information

This 2-element binocular offers huge light grasp and extremely high contrast thanks to an achromatic air-gap doublet lens design.
For astronomy, high power nature viewing, or coastal observation, we cannot find a better price/performance ratio 100mm binocular. The difference in light grasp compared to 70 or 80mm binoculars is immediately visible, as is the higher resolution. In fact, these lenses outperform most spotting scopes and achromatic doublet telescopes of similar aperture, showing details which just aren't resolved with smaller apertures. 

Imagine the light gathering power of two 4" spotting scopes - one for each eye! Use your favourite 1.25" astro eyepieces for daytime nature viewing, or lunar and deepsky observation. You can even use Altair 1.25" City Light Suppression CLS filters, which isn't possible with normal binoculars.

The included 18mm Ultra-flat eyepieces give a 65° field of view, and the overall brightness of the images is quite surprising compared with using binoviewers in a 100mm telescope with the same aperture, because each eye get's 100% of the light from 100mm aperture objective lens.

The 1.25" self-centering eyepiece holder focal position allows most eyepieces to come to focus including Altair Astro, Tele Vue Delos, Nagler, Panoptic, and the Docter 12.5 mm UWA. Of course you can also use standard 1.25" astronomy filters on the eyepieces to enhance viewing even more.

Every binocular has collimation checked before shipping.

Mounting the binoculars:

For terrestrial use and casual astronomical use we recommend a large video and or camera tripod. We recommend the Altair Sabre mount with vixen clamps and Heavy Duty L-Bracket for more serious or extended observation especially at higher powers. The ultimated solution would be the iOptron AZ PRO mount. Our optional single-arm binocular mount is also available. (Code: BINOMOUNT1).

Main features:
  • Very bright image and large field of view, well suited for observation of bright deepsky objects.
  • Independent helical focusers with self-centering compression eypiece holders.
  • Enables use of 1.25" Light Pollution filters, such as the Altair Premium 1.25" CLS filters.
  • Extra large 28mm prisms with top quality broadband multi-coatings on all optical surfaces.
  • High quality independently focusing 1.25" eyepiece holders - compression-fit with self centring brass inserts. 
  • Tough, light magnesium alloy casing.
  • Includes a carry handle with sight.
  • Extensible dew shields. Dew shield ID thread: M 116 x 1-6H, 6 mm depth.
  • Includes front dustcaps and rear dust plugs. Both eyepieces have dust caps.
  • The base has a standard 3/8" Photo tripod thread and 1/4" Photo tripod adapter so you can use your giant binoculars with a standard tripod. An additional pair of in-line threaded holes allow mounting on a Vixen-format dovetail bar, or the new Single-Arm Binocular mount (code: BINOMOUNT1).
Included in delivery:
  • 100mm binoculars with carry handle and tripod adapter
  • 4 Dust Caps
  • Set 18mm UF 65 degrees = 30 x magnification
  • Double Carton Packing, rigid foam insert.
Technical specifications: 
  • Dimensions 550 X 270 X 200mm
  • Weight 7.1kg
  • Interpupillary distance 54-75mm
  • Eyepiece Adapter: 31,7 mm / 1.25" Astro eyepiece compatible
  • Dewshield Dia. 116mm
  • Focal Length 550mm
  • Objective Lens Diameter 100mm
  • Objective angle of view: max. 2.8 Degree
  • 100mm F5.5 Proprietary CDGM dual element objective lens with improved colour correction.
  • 28mm Oversized K9 Prism Clear Aperture (field stop diameter: 25 mm).
  • Prism glass type: K9 equivalent to BAK4.
  • Broadband Hardcoat Multi-layer coatings on all surfaces.
  • Photo tripod thread: 1/4-20 and 3/8"
Performance with included 18mm Ultraflat Eyepieces:
  • Minimum Focusing Distance 25m
  • Eyepiece Lens Structure#Elements/# Groups) 8/5 Ultra-flat design
  • Eyepiece Focal Length 18.45mm
  • Magnification with 18mm Eyepieces 30x
  • Real Field of View 65-66° Apparent Field of View 2.2°
  • Field of View at 1000m = 38.4m
  • Exit Pupil 3.3mm
  • Relative Brightness 10.9
  • Twilight Factor 54.8
  • Eye Relief 20mm
  • Eyepiece Weight 200g
  • Eyepieces Waterproof: Yes
Altair Astro reserves the right to change the price and/or specification without notice.

Product Info

MPN BINO100-45
MPN BINO100-45
Brand Altair
Product Code BINO100-45
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