Altair 1.0x M92 Flattener for Altair 125EDF Wave Series Reafractor

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Product information

This 0.8x Reducer / field flattener is designed to work with the Altair Astro Wave Series 125EDF refractors with 3.7" focuser. It connects directly to the focuser by means of an M92 thread.

Corrects for field curvature and improves images, allowing more of the photographic field to be utilized. The focal ratio and focal length of the telescope remains unchanged.

It includes a spacer creating 55mm sensor to flange distance, and an M48 male rear thread adaptor for connecting your DSLR or CCD camera. 

To use with Altair Hypercam Cameras, please click here for camera and reducer spacing instructions. (opens new window). To connect a Canon DSLR you need a Canon/Nikon M48 DSLR Adaptor (available separately).

An adaptor / spacer is included, terminating in an M48 Male thread. The ideal distance to CCD sensor from the rear of the rear shoulder is 55mm (excluding the protruding M48 rear thread). Tests indicate that the flattener is tolerant about 1.0mm either side of this distance. The smaller your CCD chip, the less critical spacing becomes.

If you need more space, for example to add an OAG or field rotator, the M48 adaptor/spacer mentioned above can be removed, revealing a female M78 thread giving an additional 16.3mm of space between optical body and sensor. If you remove the adaptor, you would then have a total flange to sensor distance of 71.3mm from the M78 female thread to the sensor (55mm + 18.32mm = total 71.3mm).

High quality multi-coatings on all surfaces ensure maximum transmission and almost zero reflections, however it is good practise to place any filters as far from the rear lens of the flattener as possible and as close to the camera sensor as possible. We recommend the Altair Magnetic filter holder (search codes starting with "MAGF") for this purpose. 

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