Altair 1.25 inch IR Blocking Filter for Planetary & CCD Imaging

Product code: IR-BLOCK-125
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Product information

This high quality Dichroic 1.25" IR Blocking Filter fits into the base of the webcam adapter, giving sharper and more contrasty images of the moon, sun and planets.

How does the IR Cut filter work? The IR cut-off filter blocks the transmission of Infrared light, while passing visible light. Webcam chips are very sensitive to IR. Because it has a longer wavelength, when IR light passes through optics, it comes to focus at a different point compared to visible light. This causes a blurring effect in Monochrome images with loss of fine detail. When you put a webcam adapter (available separately or as a combo) on your webcam, the factory IR-Blocking filter is removed. (The factory IR cut filter is usually part of the lens assembly). The Altair IR Blocking Filter fits on to the front of your webcam adapter to make sure that no Infrared light gets to the sensor. Please note, this filter cannot be used to image the sun on it's own - it should only be used with the appropriate solar filter on the front of the telescope.

When do I need an IR Cut/Blocking Filter? Recommended whenever there is a lens in the imaging light path such as a Barlow lens, or if you're using a Refractor, SCT or Maksutov telescope. This filter is best for webcams. For CCD imaging, choose the UV-IR Filter instead.

Compatibility and attachment: The IR Cut filter has a standard M28 thread to fit into the base of standard 1.25" astronomy eyepieces, Barlow lenses, 1.25" CCD filter wheels and trays, as well as most 1.25" webcam adapters.

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Brand Altair
Product Code IR-BLOCK-125
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