Altair 2 inch - 1.25 inch Self Centering Eyepiece Adapter

Product code: AA-SCA-2-125
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The Altair 2" to 1.25" adapter has been replaced with a new Self-Centering version with less flex and de-centering than the standard models you get with telescopes.
Simply twist and lock your eyepiece or camera nosepiece in place. Compression is evenly distributed around the barrel of the eyepiece and therefore, alignment is not affected. Centering is therefore repeatable and it can be left in the telescope focuser. Even slight variations in eyepiece barrel diameter will not affect performance.
The compression system is non-marring, preventing marks on your eyepiece barrel, or camera nosepiece.
Highly recommended for imaging, visual use with fast focal ratio telescopes like dobsonians, or to use with a laser collimator.
Note for imagers: The upper locking ring on the self-centering adapter can be unscrewed revealing an M48 male thread, which allows you to attach various imaging accessories directly to the self-centering adapter. You need to remove the inner compression olive before connecting any camera but this can easily be put back in place before re-attaching the upper locking ring, when you need to recollimate. This means you can image without changing the collimation once everything is set up, to ensure best performance. This is particulary useful when imaging with Fast Newtonians, but also applies to and reflector telescope and refractors with tilt-adustable lens cells and fast focal ratios. The inner diameter is 31.75mm therefore this works well with most CCD cameras on the market with an equal or smaller image circle.


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MPN AA-SCA-2-125
MPN AA-SCA-2-125
Brand Altair
Product Code AA-SCA-2-125
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