Altair 6" F5 Newtonian Telescope & SkyWatcher EQ3-2 Equatorial Mount

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Altair 6" F5 Newtonian Telescope

This Newtonian reflector with 150mm aperture and F5 focal ratio is well suited for visual observation and astrophotography. An ideal beginner telescope with higher quality optics and build quality than most similar Newtonians on the market.

  • Aperture 150 mm / Focal length 750 mm F ratio F5
  • High-quality parabolic primary mirror with 94 % reflection coating for a brighter image.
  • Large secondary mirror with 63mm diameter for a well illuminated image field for astrophotography
  • Precise 2" Crayford focuser for accurate focusing - Motorfocus optional.
  • Adjustable primary- and secondary mirror holder made of metal, convenient collimation marking on primary mirror
  • Focus position optimised for observation with all customary eyepieces and for astrophotography with coma correctors
  • Due to its short build the Newtonian is suitable for smaller mounts (Skywatcher EQ3 upwards)
  • Central mark on the primary mirror for easy collimation
  • 6x30 finder scope, ring clamps, dovetail included (compatible with Altair MG60 for auto guiding)

SkyWatcher EQ3-2 Equatorial Mount

The EQ3-2 mount is a basic mount which is stable enough for the entry level astronomer to use with a refractor optical tube of up to 4" or a light weight 6" Newtonian. 
The aluminium tripod with accessory tray is quite stable yet light enough to carry about easily.

Slow-motion control knobs allow for continuous manual tracking of celestial objects.

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Brand Altair
Product Code 6F5-CRF-20448
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