Altair 60mm Guide Scope Kit Straight Thru Precision LOCKING Focuser NO EYEPIECE

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The Altair MiniGuider System is based on the very popular Altair 60mm Finder. The package includes a 60mm finder optical tube assembly, a special precision locking focuser for Autoguiders and Webcams, finder rings, universal bracket and stalk.

The new "red trim" version has a variable length tube with heavy duty locking ring allowing more cameras to come to focus.

A good choice for autoguiding with scopes of 1.3m focal length, and more. The product is designed to provide you with a stable guiding optic to attach your guide camera such as Altair GPCAM, Orion Starshoot, or others, without having to use a separate heavy telescope. The package is ideal for astro-imagers who have a wide field portable imaging system. By keeping weight down, you're putting less demand on your mount, making it easier to balance, therefore tracking accuracy is improved. There are no plastic parts to warp, bend or flex.

The precision locking focuser* can be rotated 360° and locked when focused. Once locked, you can remove your camera and re-insert it without losing focus, for faster setup time. 3x Thumbscrews are spaced around the 1.25" barrel, so the camera body will not deflect during guiding. The barrel has a compression ring so that your camera will not be scratched or marred unlike cheaper guide scopes. The 60mm objective has a focal ratio of f3.75 and a focal length of 225mm. 
The included quick-release finder base has 4x 4mm wide slotted holes allowing you to fit it to most telescopes on the market. The mini-dovetail wedge on the bracket will actually fit any GSO or Skywatcher telescope directly, but we suggest you use this included base because it has 2x clamping screws, for far better rigidity than standard finder bases on the market.

The adjustable tube rings are light, yet more than rigid enough to stay in perfect alignment for autoguiding up to 1.3m focal length. (order product code: MG60-CLAMP for longer focal length imaging around 2 metres focal length or more). The rings cannot twist or rotate like other cheaper makes because the dovetail bar they sit upon has a slight channel to accept their profile. The screws have special tips to avoid scratching the durable high quality and moisture resistant powder coat on the 60mm aluminium optical tube. 

The objective lens is fully anti-reflection coated and the tube and dewshield are internally blackened to increase contrast. This is a high quality F3.75 achromat objective, and it will deliver pinpoint stars on your finder chip on axis, performing at the resolution limit of a 60mm lens. It is far higher quality than the lenses found in cheaper, and smaller finders, and will perform extremely well at this fast focal ratio, keeping your exposure times short, and stars very bright with a small dot size - exactly what's needed for precision autoguiding.
* The precision locking focuser is available separately as an upgrade for customers who already have the Altair 60mm Finder, and who would like to use it for autoguiding with a webcam or autoguider head such as the Altair GPCAM, QHY5/Orion USA Starshoot, or in fact any other autoguiding camera with a 1.25" barrel. 
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