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Home > Altair & APM Telescopes > Beginner Telescope & Astro Photography Courses > Altair Astro 6" F5 Newtonian Telescope with 2" CNC Dual Speed Focuser

Altair Astro 6" F5 Newtonian Telescope with 2" CNC Dual Speed Focuser

Altair Astro 6" F5 Newtonian Telescope with 2" CNC Dual Speed Focuser
Altair 150 DS F5 Newtonian Telescope Moon Image Gary Palmer - Altair 6" F5 Newtonian Telescope Moon Image Gary Palmer - Altair 6" F5 Newtonian Telescope CNC Focuser Altair 6" F5 Newtonian Telescope CNC Focuser Altair 6" F5 Newtonian Telescope (small)
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With a well known reputation for the highest quality optics available in this price range, as well as a 2" CNC machined Dual Speed Focuser, the Altair Astro 6" F5 Newtonian is an entry level option for anyone interested in visual observing and who also wants to try astro-photography.
A  2" 35mm extension tube, 6x24mm finder scope, and a good quality 15mm Wide Field 70 Degree Eyepiece are included get you started. These accessories are much higher quality than those included with most entry level telescopes. The 15mm eyepiece produces a 70 degree wide field view at 50x magnification. Add a one of our optional 3x Barlow lenses, and it will deliver sharp views at 150x. (see related products).
Altair says: "One just has to compare this optical tube with others to see why this is such a great value telescope. Compare the machining fit and finish and the optical accessories. Check the secondary spider vanes for wobble/movement, rack the focuser in and out, and observe the thickness of the tube rings. It is beyond doubt the best value optical and mechanical unit we have been able to source to date. The 2" Dual Speed focuser is large enough to permit DSLR imaging, unlike 1.25" focusers offered on most 6" Newtonians, and it's CNC machined - therefore the focuser is more precisely aligned and orthogonal to the mirrors. This alone is a significant improvement on the cheaper cast-metal focusers on budget 6" Newtonian telescopes."
Visual observing: The Altair F5 Newtonian parabolic optics are smooth and well figured with a well known reputation for high quality. With approximately 33% more light gathering than an equivalent 130mm Newtonian telescope (yet a small increase in optical tube size) the 6" / 150mm aperture is enough to reveal plenty of detail on the moon and planets with minimal scatter around bright objects. 6" of aperture is the point at which structure is visible in brighter deep sky objects such as the Orion Nebula, Dumbbell nebula and our closer galaxies. It is also posisble to see individual stars in globular clusters such as M13 in Hercules, something which is more difficult with smaller Newtonians. The CNC machined Dual Speed Focuser is fully tension adjustable, and offers better alignment than a cast metal focuser. This allows for smoother and more repeatable performance. 
Deepsky Imaging: The relatively fast F5 focal ratio provides a less coma at the edge of the field than an F4 model and is easier to manage in the field, making collimation easier. The Altair 6" F5 telescope responds very well to most coma correctors as a result of the F5 focal ratio, and what's more, spacing is less critical than with an F4 Newtonian. Collimation is very easy with our optional Altair v2 laser collimator (see related product links below) and usually takes less than 2 minutes. The 6" F5 format therefore makes a generally more tolerant telescope for beginners starting deepsky imaging, with a light weight motorised equatorial mount like the EQ2-3 or EQ5. (We've included some mount options - please see dropdown menu links when oerding, which will update the price as you make your mount choice).
Lunar and planetary webcam imaging: Webcam imaging is easy with our 3x ED Barlow, which increases the focal length from 750mm to an effective 2250mm, with rewarding results appearing instantly! (see the lunar gallery image taken with Altair Hypercam). Combine that with our webcam adapter and IR cut filter, and you have an entry level system able to deliver good results. (See related product links below). 
Included with the Altair 6" F6 Newtonian:
- 2" Dual Speed Crayford Focuser with 1.25" adapter
- 6x24mm finder scope
- Pair of tube rings and Vixen/Synta format dovetail bar
- 15mm Wide Field 70 Degree Eyepiece (60x magnification)
- 2" to 1.25" adapter with brass compression ring
Recommmended accessories:
  • A lunar/planetary camera like the Altair GPCAM or Hypercam!
  • Mount or no mount options in dropdown menu when ordering.
  • Altair 2x or 3x ED Barlow lens for webcam imaging or visual use to give you some extra magnification range for viewing different objects.
  • Altair v2 Laser Collimator - collimate your telescope in minutes.
  • Webcam adapter and 1.25" IR cut filter combo for webcam imaging.
  • Aperture / Focal length: 6" 150mm / 750mm
  • Tube Length: 70cm
  • Weight: 5.9kg including finder and tube rings
Altair recommends: "To sum it up, the Altair 6" F5 Newtonian is an ideal telescope for someone who is starting off in visual astronomy and who is interested in trying deepsky or solar system astro photography, requires a balance between aperture and portability, and who wants good optical performance at a reasonable price. Perfect for those who want a decent telescope which can grow with their interest - yet who don't want to be limited by "toy quality" optics and mechanics."
Altair Hypercam / 6" F5 Newtonian Image by Gary Palmer (click to enlarge - opens new window):
Altair 6" Newtonian Moon Image Hypercam
You can choose additional accessories in the drop-down menu, or associated products links below.

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