Altair DewZapper 3-4 inch Dia Dew Heater Telescope Finder Scope 52cm 11W

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DewZapper 3-4" OD Dew Heater for Telescope, Finder Scope (52cm length, 11W)
DewZapper dew heaters are the high quality solution, with a geniune Nichrome wire heating element embedded in a silicon rubber subtrate, for durability and moisture-resistance. The 22 awg silicon coated wires have a synthetic rubber outer sheath, which remains flexible even in very low temperatures reducing "cable pull" related tracking errors. The RCA power jacks are bonded with flexible glue and a heatshrink tube for strain relief. A high quality Velcro pad sewn onto an elasticated strap is included for easy fitment. An internal neoprene insulator directs heat into the optics so you won't waste any power.
There is simply no comparison with heaters which use thin audio cables and thin-film or "foil" heating elements, which are crimped to the wires, creating a failure point. 
DewZapper dew heater technical specs:
  • Fits Telescope, Spotting Scope or Finder Scope optical tubes approx. 3-6" (75-130mm) OD. Total Length 52cm, width 40mm.
  • Efficient with low power consumption. (Power consumption & heat output are determined by 12v controller power setting).
  • High quality 1.2m silicon cable with rubber outer sheath, glued to RCA jack for strain relief, remaining flexible at below zero temperatures, and moisture resistant.
  • Includes neoprene insulator on the back of the heater to direct heat inwards to the optics for better efficiency.
  • High-quality long lasting Nichrome wire heating element embedded in a fused flexible silicon substrate for moisture resistance and reliability. (NO "thin-film resistors" or "foil elements" are used!)
  • Produces max 11 Watts, 0.9A at 12v 100% duty cycle.
  • High-quality Male RCA plug fits most Dew Controllers with a 12v output (never exceed 12v).

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Product Code DEWH-34
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