Altair DewZapper Dew Heater Newtonian Secondary Mirror 72 x 100mm (Elliptical Split)

Product code: DEWH-72x100
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Product information

Elliptical split heater for Newtonian telescope secondary mirror.
Geniune sealed silicon rubber with nichrome wire with 22awg wires.
An M3 neoprene sticky insulator pad is included to place on the rear of the heater to insulate it and direct heat into the mirror.

Quality RCA jack fits most dew controllers including Pegasus and Kendrick. 72mm x 100mm, with 50mm length centre hole fits most Newtonian secondary holders with a centre-stalk support and will gently heat the mirror by conduction.
Heater pad can also be placed directly against the mirror itself with a little silicon to hold it in place. In this way, it can also be used on larger secondary mirrors.

2 year warranty against defects in worksmanship. Incorrect installation is however, not covered. 
Installation instructions: Please see diagram with installation instructions below.

NOTE dew heaters must ONLY be connected to a reliable, good quality 12v dew heater controller with a fuse, such as Kendrick or Pegasus controllers sold here. NEVER connect ANY dew heater to 12v direct current power source or mains power under any circumstances, no matter what you read on internet forums.

NOTE you will need to ensure the two spade contacts cannot touch each other after installation and they should be insulated with a thick layer of electrical tape to aviod short-circiuts: 

Technical specifications

Brand Altair
Product Code DEWH-72x100
Weight 0.5kg