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Altair-EX 1.25" Webcam Adapter & IR Blocking Filter Package

Altair-EX 1.25" Webcam Adapter & IR Blocking Filter Package
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Everything you need to start imaging the planets, moon and sun with your webcam.
The included webcam adapter lets you connect your webcam to any telescope using a standard 1.25" push-fit adapter. It fits most popular webcams using the M12 x 0.5 mm thread, including the hugely popular Phillips Toucam and Logitech ranges. 
The included 1.25" Infrared cut filter fits into the base of the webcam adapter (or any standard M28 threaded astronomy accessory), giving sharper and more contrasty webcam images.
This high quality Dichroic 1.25" IR Blocking Filter is designed for colour planetary imaging with a webcam, or taking monochrome Luminance frames with a CCD camera.
How does the IR blocking filter work? When IR light passes though lenses, it comes to focus at a different position compared to visible light, due to it's the longer wavelength. This causes a blurring effect in Monochrome images with loss of fine detail in both planetary and deep sky images. Most cameras have a high sensitivity to IR light so you need the IR filter to block the transmission of Infrared light, while passing visible light. That gives clearer planetary images.
When should I use an IR blocking filter? IR blocking filters are recommended whenever there is a lens in the imaging light path such as a Barlow lens, Refractor, SCT or Maksutov telescope with glass elements. The IR Blocking filter will enhance both webcam and CCD camera images, making them sharper by predominantly allowing visual wavelengths of light to pass through.
Compatibility and attachment: The IR Blocking filter has a standard M28 thread to fit into the base of standard 1.25" astronomy eyepieces, Barlow lenses, 1.25" CCD filter wheels and trays, as well as most 1.25" camera nose-piece adapters.
This package includes both the webcam adapter and IR blocking filter, saving on overall postage costs, compared to buying them separately.
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