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Altair Lightwave 5mm LER 1.25" Planetary Eyepiece

Altair Lightwave 5mm LER 1.25" Planetary Eyepiece
Altair Lightwave Super Planetary Eyepiece Range
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The Altair Lightwave TM 5mm Planetary Long Eye Relief Eyepiece delivers high power with a short focal length telescope, such as a small refractor, so it's ideal for high power planetary or lunar observing.

The 7-element, 4 group computer optimized design, a very smooth polish, and fully multi-coated optics deliver exceptional contrast and clarity. The 55° apparent field of view is flat, and well corrected.

20mm of Long Eye Relief means you can position your eye 20mm from the eyepiece rear lens, making this is a very comfortable eyepiece for beginners and experienced observers alike, whether or not you're wearing glasses. This helps you spend more time observing fine details on the planets or moon without fatigue.

Altair staff comment: "We have tested this product extensively, and when you consider the long eye relief feature, this is the best value "high power" eyepiece in our range to date. We recommend them for the Starwave and Lightwave, Wave Series and our Newtonians up to 6."

  • Apparent field of view 55° degrees
  • Focal Length 5mm
  • Barrel OD 1.25" with filter thread
  • Fold-down eyecups & rubber grip
  • Eye relief 20mm
  • Design 7 elements in 4 groups
  • Coatings FMC Fully Multi-Coated
  • Baffled with blackened lens edges
  • Precision CNC machined barrel with extremely hard anodising.

Divide the telescope focal length in mm by the eyepiece focal length in mm to get the magnification.

Here's an example magnification table for popular telescopes:

Telescope type: Focal Length 3mm 5mm 6mm 9mm 12.5mm
Lightwave 66ED-R 400 133 80 67 44 32
Starwave 70ED F6 420 140 84 70 47 34
Lightwave 72ED-R 432 144 86 72 48 35
Wave 80mm EDT F6 480 160 96 80 53 38
Starwave 102ED F7 715 238 143 119 79 57
Starwave 110ED F7 770 257 154 128 86 62
Altair 6" F5 Newtonian 760 n/a 152 127 84 61
Altair 6" F6 Newtonian 912 n/a 182 152 101 73

Altair staff comment: "We have tested this product extensively, and when you consider the optical quality and the long eye relief feature, this is probably the best value eyepiece set in our range to date. We have been able to keep the cost down by using a simple yet robust barrel, and by incorporating optics which are already a popular proven formula. We recommend them for comfortable enjoyable viewing with all refractors such as the Starwave, Lightwave, Wave Series and Newtonian reflectors. They also perform very well in binoviewers due to the narrow barrel construction and light-weight housing. "

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: John Phillips
    Upgraded to this and find it is fantastic, brilliant clear view of Jupiter, see more stars than with standard eyepiece that came with my scope. Well worth the investment would advise getting 20mm wide angle at same time to save on p&p, wish I had!
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