Altair MiniGuider 60 Guide Scope Clamp with Stalk and Universal Base

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Product information

This extremely rigid clamp holds the Altair Miniguider 60 optical tube in place for auto-guiding with a small guide camera like the SkyFish. 

It's small and compact, taking up far less space than guide scope rings, so you can pack your Altair Mini-Guider away for an airline trip.

The clamp includes a special metal stalk with dovetail base for extra clearance, and a universal finder bracket (UNIFBR) with two thumbscrews. The clamp can be removed and mounted on it's own for direct attachment to dovetail bars and plates, etc. by means of the screws and a couple of washers. 

The interior of the clamp is lined with thin black felt which does not compress and will not cause differential flexure of the optical tube.

The base of the stalk even has a hole with 1/4" camera tripod thread, allowing the stalk to be mounted on the end of your iOptron SkyGuider counterweight shaft - that might even avoid you having to carry the counterweight around!

Q: How to I align the Guider on stars if it's clamped in position?

A: Most of the time you shouldn't need to because there are plenty of stars to be found in the wide field of view. however if you feel you want to pan and tilt the guide scope or use it as a video finder, you can always add the Starwave Micro Geared photo head which fits the standard 1/4" photo tripod thread in the base of the stalk.

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Brand Altair
Product Code MG60-CLAMP
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