Altair Parfocalising Rings for 1.25 inch eyepiece or GPCAM

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Product information

A set of two 1.25" parfocalising rings, for Altair GPCAM Cameras or eyepieces.
Includes ball-head hex key for easier adjustment at an angle. Precision machined hard-anodised aluminium, 3x stainless grub screws.
The grub screws don't rust, unlike black steel ones, and there are three instead of one, which means the ring doesn't tilt so it's more accurate.
For imaging: 
Parfocalising rings are very useful to get course focus between a 1.25" camera (like Altair GPCAM) and a 1.25" telescope eyepiece, so you can use the eyepiece to center an object and then swap with the camera to get it in the field of view. Then you can fine-focus the camera and away you go. No more hunting around for objects with camera in place.
For visual observing: 
Most eyepieces have different focal points. Parfocalising rings let you swap quickly between, say a low power and high power eyepiece without having to refocus. Quick and convenient.
For autoguiding: 
Some guide scopes don't have focusers. You can use a parfocalising ring to match the focus point on the camera and guide scope. Then once you are focused, you can remove the camera and replace it without having to refocus, saving time.
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Brand Altair
Product Code PAR-125-2SET
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