Altair Starwave 130 F7 ED Triplet Refractor

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Product information

The Starwave ASCENT 130mm F7 EDT APO brings you triplet ED level colour correction, and is a very capable, multipurpose imaging and visual platform. 130mm of aperture is a leap in light grasp and resolution compared to a 4" refractor.

A quality Rack 'n Pinion geared focuser with tri-clamp and 2" to 1.25" adaptor and screws for guide-scope mounting are standard.

For high or low power visual observation, the Starwave 130 EDT APO will give the high contrast views only a refractor can, for a very pleasing experience with high power, or low power wide field eyepieces.

The ASCENT 130 is imaging-ready with the optional  0.8x reducer - a great match for deepsky imaging with your Altair Hypercam. For lunar and planetary imaging, a 2x Barlow lens and GPCAM will show fine detail.

The addition of an Altair Solar Wedge or Baader Solar film filter allows high resolution imaging or visual observation of the surface of our nearest star! For solar fans, the views (and images) with a Daystar Hydrogen Alpha Quark and the Altair D-ERF will show amazing detail on the sun - contact us for more info about optimum setup.

What magnification will eyepieces produce?

The following common eyepiece focal lengths will give the following magnifications with the Starwave 130 ED Triplet refractor:

Eyepiece: Power:  With Altair 2x/3x FF Barlow: 
Altair 30mm Ultraflat    30x 60x /  90x
Altair 24mm Ultraflat    38x 76x / 152x
Altair 18mm Ultraflat    50.5x 101x / 151x
Altair 15mm Ultraflat    60.5x 121x / 181.5x
Altair 10mm Ultraflat    91x 182x / NA

Starwave 130mm ED Triplet specification:
  • Air spaced ED triplet APO lens in collimatable lens cell. 
  • Aperture / Focal Ratio / Focal Length - 130mm F7 910mm
  • Resolution - 0.89 arc seconds
  • Limiting Visual Magnitude - 13.27
  • Highest Practical Magnification - Approx. 250x (atmospheric conditions permitting)
  • Fully multi coated on all 6x optical surfaces for high transmission
  • Aluminium with durable white matte powder coat (tougher than paint).
  • Retractable dew shield with adjustable tension screws.
  • 2.5" Dual speed Rack 'n Pinion focuser. Rear 2" adaptor with brass compression ring and 3x clamping screws for heavy accessories.
  • Focuser rotator with 3x Plastic Tipped adjustable screws or smooth rotation. 
  • 1:10 ratio micro focuser knob
  • 2" to 1.25" Self-Centering Adaptor included
  • Optional 8.6x 50mm finder scope with illuminated reticule
  • CNC machined tube rings compatible with Altair M6 30mm 3-hole spacing.
  • 300mm Vixen format dovetail plate included with stainless steel mounting Allen Cap-Head screws.
  • Scope Weight - approx.9.3kg including tube rings, without accessories
  • Scope Length 79cm with dew-shield retracted, 93cm with dew-shield extended

Recommended accessories: 

  • Altair 2" Diagonal
  • Altair 2x Flat Field Barlow lens (to give you additional magnifications)
  • Starwave 50mm Finder scope (click option to add)
  • or Altair 50mm Illuminated finder scope. Product code: SWASF5022-IR
  • Altair Solar Wedge
  • Altair Magnetic Filter holder
  • Altair Hypercam

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