Altair TMS 180mm Losmandy Plate Black Anodized

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Product information

The 180mm Altair Losmandy plate is compatible with all TMS Losmandy-format clamps and Vixen-format plates, as well as 100mm, 120mm and 150mm guide scope rings. Hard anodised black, and machined to perfection on our computer controlled milling system - made in the UK.

The Altair TMS "Losmandy format" Dovetail Plate is compatible with most refractors having a standard 30mm centre-to-centre M6 hole spacing. A central slotted hole allows you to choose your telescope tube ring spacing or you can use the row of 3 M6 holes with 30mm centre-to-centre separation - standard on most refractors.

A small taper at the end of the plate plus chamfered edges make insertion into the saddle easier. The dovetail bar angle is extremely accurate with the correct angle, unlike some budget products which show surprising variation. For the ultimate fit and therefore rigidity, we recommend use with an Altair Losmandy compatible saddle plate clamp like the USP or LSP-1. To reduce weight and maintain rigidity, the plate is lightweighted on the underside. Stainless steel M6 hardware is included.

Q: Why choose Losmandy format dovetail plates? As a general guide, Losmandy plates are recommended for larger telescopes because the base is larger. That gives a more rigid, secure mounting system neccessary for heavier optical tubes. However, Losmandy plates are not necessarily required for smaller telescopes. Email us for advice if you're unsure what system you need.

Telescope compatibility: The Short Losmandy Style plate fits the Altair Astro APO range, Astrotech, William Optics and Skywatcher Equinox tube rings, e.g. any tube rings which have the standard 30mm M6 Metric hole spacing, which is by far the majority of telescopes on the market. Add another plate on top, and you have a "piggyback" mounting platform for Guide Scope Rings, or you can attach another telescope with normal tube rings piggyback style on top of that, using the second set of metric M6 holes provided. For non-standard telescopes which have a single centre mounting screw you can use the centre slot, sliding the telescope back and forth for the best balance.

Using the LDP in side-by-side mode: You can attach a Losmandy Saddle Plate to each end of the Altair LDP plates, even the Vixen Saddle Plate (VSP), enabling you to mount two telescopes side by side, for example, if you want to place a guide scope next to your main imaging telescope, or a camera lens.

Mounting Guide Scope Rings: Unlike other plates on the market, the Altair TMS plates are able to accept guide scope rings directly. To add tube rings, you usually need to buy adaptors which clamp on to the underside of the plate. We feel this adds unnecessary weight, so we've designed the Altair LDP to accept the Altair TMS Guide Scope Rings screwed directly to either the top or the bottom of the plate - quick and easy, plus more stable! You can choose from several holes along the length of the plate to achieve the best separation for telescopes of varying length.

Altair TMS is a precision machined modular Telescope Mounting System. Our aim is to provide a simple, safe and rigid mounting system for most types of telescope on the market, to give our customers the best possible results for astro imaging and visual observing. Made from the highest grade British aerospace 6068 T6 tempered and artificially aged aluminium, which has the highest strength in the 6000 series alloy range and is extremely corrosion resistant. All threads are stainless steel, and dovetail clamps are spring loaded with teflon washers.

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