Altair TMS Dual Losmandy Saddle Plate Kit

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Product information

This kit saves you money on Altair TMS (Telescope Mounting System) products bought separately through less shipping, and a reduction in price per unit.

The Altair TMS Side-by-side package includes:
  • 2x Altair Losmandy Saddle Plate Clamps (LSP-1) with 4x M8 stainless steel screws to fit them to the Losmandy-format dovetail plate.
  • Your choice of hard black or clear silver anodising (please choose colour in the dropdown menu below)
  • Your choice of 250mm, 300mm or 350mm length Losmandy-format Dovetail Plate on which to mount them at either end  (please choose your plate size in the dropdown menu below)
The centre-to-centre separation of two optical tubes side-by-side for each plate length option, is as follows:

LSBS-250 gives 190mm centre-to-centre OTA Separation  
(incl. 2x Losmandy-format clamps, 1x 250mm Losmandy plate)
LSBS-300 gives 240mm centre-to-centre OTA Separation  
(incl. 2x Losmandy-format clamps, 1x 300mm Losmandy plate)
LSBS-350 gives 290mm centre-to-centre OTA Separation  
(incl. 2x Losmandy-format clamps, 1x 350mm Losmandy plate)
This is a very versatile system with minimal waste of components. For example, you can also attach a Vixen-format clamp on one side and a Losmandy-format clamp on the other. Furthermore you can attach Altair Light Weight Guide Scope Rings (GSR range) to each end of the Losmandy-format plates.
Tip: How to choose what separation you need: This make things a lot easier to manage when choosing accessories. Just put your two telescopes side by side on a table, and move them next to each other with enough space between them as you judge it. Then measure the centre-to-centre distance of the optical tubes you require, and choose a corresponding Losmandy plate (or Vixen bar). We recommend that you always increase the width a little to allow comfortable clearance for guide scope rings, finders, cables, etc.
The Altair TMS is an precision machined modular Telescope Mounting System. Our aim is to provide a simple, safe and rigid mounting system for most types of telescope on the market, to give our customers the best possible results for astro imaging and visual observing. Made from the highest grade aerospace 6068 T6 tempered and artificially aged aluminium, which has the highest strength in the 6000 series alloy range and is extremely corrosion resistant. All threads are stainless steel, and dovetail clamps are spring loaded with teflon washers.

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