Altair TMS Ultra Light 100mm Guide Scope Rings (Black Anodised)

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Product information

The Altair TMS Guide Scope Rings have a lightweight design unique to Altair Astro, which results in a far lighter guide scope ring system, while still maintaining high strength and rigidity.

The Altair TMS system uses durable all stainless steel M8 threads - that means they will not corrode, unlike cheaper makes which use low grade blackened steel threads and screws, which eventually go brown with rust. Instead of cheap plastic knobs, Altair the TMS system comes with individually machined knobs which are permanently bonded to the stainless steel threads, terminating in a special no-scratch end cap. This avoids damage to your telescope tube whilst maintaining a rigid connection for auto-guiding or even imaging with a heavy camera.

The hard anodised black colour goes well with any telescope, and is for customers who prefer the understated look compared to our blue range, or the neutral look of our clear silver range. All hardware is intra-compatible (arguably the most intra-compatible on the market) which means you have great flexibility in mounting your telescopes and imaging equipment for best results.
Direct bar or plate mounting: The Altair Guide Scope Rings are unique (at least at the time we write this) because they can be mounted on the top or bottom of Altair Losmandy-format or Vixen-format bars via two M6 bolts on each ring, to stop them twisting like other makes with single bolts. All Altair TMS Losmandy plates or Vixen bars have this two-hole pattern, and you can adjust the separation of the rings by choosing different holes along the length of the plate. Altair Guide Scope Rings have flattened edges for good contact with the bar or plate they're fastened to and are far more rigid than any other guidescope rings we have seen to date.

Direct clamp mounting: GSR rings can also be mounted on Altair TMS Small Vixen Clamps or Losmandy Saddle Plates to slide back and forth to achieve the best balance. This is perfect for Altair Astro RCs and Meade and Celestron SCT telescopes with an inverted rail on top.

The GSR benefits from easy-grip hard anodised knobs, custom-machined for a positive grip (we tested several iterations). They are very easy to un-tighten and adjust, even with gloves on.
Each thread has a plastic end cap to give a more forgiving contact with your optical tube without causing movement. This is better than soft rubber end caps, which change compression with temperature and cause movement, often splitting after a year or so of use. 

Altair TMS is made in the UK at our local machine shop on HAAS CNC milling machines, which means we have complete control over quality. Each part is hand polished before anodising to remove burs and give a smooth finish. The quality level and material means a slightly higher price than budget rings. Recommended for those who want the best. 

An example of how you can attach our guide scope rings to the underside of our clamps is shown below (the blue version has the same hole patterns and compatibility as the Silver version):

If you order these rings We'll include the stainless steel bolts you need to attach them to your existing TMS hardware in the package.

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Brand Altair
Product Code GSR-LW100-BLACK
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