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Altair v2 Laser collimator for Newtonians & Dobsonians

Altair v2 Laser collimator for Newtonians & Dobsonians
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NEW Improved design + shipped free when you buy a telescope.
1 - More shock resistant than the previous version with side thumbscrew, and can be re-collimated if dropped onto a hard surface with 3x collimation screws accessible from the outside of the unit. The internal mechanism which holds the laser is more robust than the previous version. This unit is heavier and far more substantial than other units on the market with a higher quality diode.
2 - Instead of an inconvenient side thumbscrew switch like the previous version, we have included a heavy duty metal stud switch on the end of the collimator which is easier to use, and doesn't affect collimation if over-tightened.
3 - The frosted target surface has been improved for easier vision of the laser dot in bright sunlight.
Poor collimation is the number one cause of poor telescope performance at high powers. For planetary webcam imaging or high power observing, good collimation is important. This laser collimator is primarily intended to collimate Newtonian and Dobsonian telescopes but it will also work with other reflectors like Cassegrain and Maksutov designs with the correct technique. A large semi-reflective display port allows the user to clearly see the return laser beam on the face of the device even in bright daylight conditions. The port is clearly visible from the side of the collimator making is suitable for closed tube telescopes like most Newtonians. The collimator fits into a 1.25” push-fit accessory port used with medium format CCD cameras, eyepieces and webcams, which you get in the package with most telescopes. Please note that this collimator is made in Taiwan and it is a lot more accurate than other designs we've come across, performing well with Newtonians as fast as F4.0. The laser beam is lensed, and produces a bright, clear, slightly elongated dot, which is the focused shape of the laser diode. This focused point of light is easy to see even on a newly cleaned telescope mirror. If you visit our shop, we'll be happy to demonstrate the use of this device - it's surprisingly easy to use! For step-by-step instructions, go to You Tube Newtonian Telescope Collimation Instructions

We recommend you purchase the Altair 2" to 1.25" Self-Centering Adapter (code AA-SCA-2-125) with this item. Normal pushfit accessories have clamps, which slightly alter the centration of the collimator and eyepiece each time you use them, because they create uneven pressure on one side of the eyepiece or accessories when tightened using the thumbscrews. By using the Altair Self Centering Adapter, your optical system remains centered after collimation, giving repeatable performance with 1.25" eyepieces of cameras such as webcams. Because it clamps evenly around the outside of the eyepiece using a compression ring system your 1.25" eyepieces (or CCD camera / webcam nosepieces) remain concentric to the collimator even when you swap them. Ideally, we recommend leaving the Self Centering Adapter in the telescope, for maximum repeatability.

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