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Altair Wave Series 80mm F6 Super ED Triplet APO (80/480)

Altair Wave Series 80mm F6 Super ED Triplet APO (80/480)
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Altair Astro
The Altair Astro 80mm ED Triplet APO refractor uses a 480mm focal length lens cell with Japanese Ohara FPL53 ED glass.
The benefit of these optics is razor sharp, high contrast images, without any colour aberrations whatsoever. Faint and subtle details to be observed visually and stars have the true "diamonds on black velvet" appearance only a quality refractor can provide. 
As a portable wide field refractor for astro imaging, this is an extremely capable wide field imaging plaform. With such excellent colour correction and contrast, faint and subtle details have considerable "pop" in images. A rigid aluminium tube with two tube rings allows stable mounting for astro photography, and the rotating 2.5" Rack and Pinion dual speed focuser can handle heavy loads, whilst keeping the telescope light. The Altair Planostar 1.0x Field Flattener (PLANOS-2-1.0-80-F6-M48) converts your Wave Series telescope into a flat-field astrograph at it's fast F6 native focal length. DSLR and CCD adapters are available for attachment of various cameras (see associated products for more info).
For visual observing, the following optional accessories are not included in this package, but highly recommended:
Altair Sabre mount with Vixen dovetail clamp
Altair 60mm deluxe finder scope & bracket
Altair 2" dielectric diagonal
Altair Lightwave eyepieces
Altair Astro Imaging-Ready Solar Hershel Wedge
DayStar Quark Hydrogen Alpha eyepiece filter
The light weight dual-speed "Rack 'n Pinion" focuser rotates on Teflon-tipped adjustable screws, has CNC machined internal knife edge baffles, and a self centering 2" rear adapter, and even a 2" to 1.25" self centering adapter with brass compression ring (sold by some companies for £50 on it's own!). The optional Field flatteners can be attached directly by unscrewing the self centering rear assembly and removing it from the focuser. The CNC focuser is compatible with the Pegasus motor focuser, for perfect PC automated or manual focusing via the hand controller or USB port and ASCOM compatible software.
The new 2017 CNC tube rings are provided with standard M6 hole patterns to fit most hardware mounting systems on the market, and are fully compatible with the Altair TMS Telescope Mounting System TM.
We recommend the Altair Astro 60mm Deluxe Finder Scope (see associated products below) which is a perfect fit and can double as an autoguider for imaging by adding the Altair Miniguider precision focuser adapter.
For astrophotography, this size optical tube assembly is perfect for the iOptron CEM25 mount. (Please contact us for a combo price).

The Wall Nebula Image Altair 80mm F6 Super ED Triplet APO

Above is a full frame image of a portion of the North America Nebula in Cygnus called "The Wall", taken with the Altair 80/480 Super ED Triplet APO and dedicated Planostar field flattener by Anton Enright in Cambridge. Click on the image to view the full resolution image in a new window. This will allow you to examine the edges of the field, to assess the quality of the specially designed Altair Planostar 1.0x field flattener.
Below, another full frame image taken by Anton Enright with the same equipment setup:

Elephants Trunk Nebula - Altair Astro 80/480 Super ED Triplet

Altair Wave Series optics: Wave Series optics are repeatedly tested and re-figured at the final stages of production, until signed off by the optician in charge of the production batch. The best quality glass is used which is fully annealed and cooled over several days to relieve internal stresses. SFPL-53 is referred to as Synthetic Fluorite or Super ED. In the case of FPL53 Ed Glass, this has an Abbe number of 94.94, plus or minus .01 per batch. (Fluorite crystal by comparison is 94.99 but with slightly more variation from batch-to-batch, and has less stable chemical, thermal and physical properties). Each lens cell has a serial number engraved on the front ring. Working closely with our optical technicians, we have introduced a second and unique quality assurance process for all Wave Series lenses, to ensure the highest quality and lowest chromatic aberration. These lenses are modified in rotation and spacing, and we start off with far superior lenses to the "normal" production quality lenses offered by most manufacturers. Star tests speak for themselves, and colour correction is essentially perfect, as can be seen from the various observing reports and images taken with Wave Series refractors. Blue stars show negligible bloat in long exposure images because the blue channel is particularly well controlled. During the production process, a laser interferometer image is acquired in 532nm green light, and imported into Atmosfringe optical analysis software to create an optical test report. Astigmatism and Coma are included in the report output (many manufacturers do not include them). Each fringe image is a "snapshot in time" of the lens on the test bench. Vibration, air currents and other environmental factors can influence the image and the outcome of the report slightly, but steps are taken to minimise these during testing. Providing a test report is a useful way for us to assure that our our internal production quality is consistent from batch-to-batch. A paper report printout is included with your telescope, which corresponds to the serial number visible on the lens (an example report is shown in the thumbnail images below the main product image, with serial number deleted). Please be aware this extra QC process adds a few months between production runs and there are often gaps in stock availability. You can click the "Notify when in stock" button to receive updates.
Altair Wave Series Triplet 80mm APO Specifications & Features:
  • Optical tube with air-spaced 80mm F6 Triplet ED lens system (480mm focal length)
  • Ohara S-FPL53 ED (SD) glass element and mating elements housed in a precision adjustable CNC machined lens cell with temperature compensation interleaving.
  • Super-high transmission coating (STM Coating) on all air to glass surfaces.
  • Resolving Power (Dawes’ Limit) 1.45 arc seconds
  • Visual Limiting Magnitude 12.2 maximum
  • Weight approx. 3kg, OTA length with dewshield retracted, 39cm.
  • Precision CNC machined components and tube made from light, tough aluminium alloy with matte powder coat and hard anodising.
  • Retractable lens shade / dew shield.
  • 2.5" "Rack 'n Pinion" Geared dual speed focuser with 1:10 micro-focuser.
  • Entire focuser rotates relative to the optical tube for easy photographic composition. 
  • Teflon tension-adjustment screws and Teflon collet ensure focuser rotates smoothly.
  • Self-Centering 2" to 1.25" reducer with brass compression rings included.
  • Front aluminium push-fit lens cap, rear plastic 1.25" dust plug.
  • Standard 1.75" dovetail bar  with stainless steel M6 cap-head screws included.
  • Tube Rings with M6 threaded holes with 30mm spacing, compatible with Altair and most other mounting dovetail plates and bars.
  • Hard Carry Case with foam insert, handle and keys. Case Dimensions 22cm Width x 45cm Length x 17.5cm Depth
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Overseas orders and pricing - please contact us for shipping costs. For countries outside the European Union you do not need to pay sales tax, so you get a 20% discount.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Anton Enright
    Thrilled with my Wave Series 80/480!

    Well made telescope both optically and mechanically. It's lovely to use and has been solidly delivering results for me each time I've used it.

    For imaging this scope is fantastic. The focuser is smooth and solid and the motor focus is excellent. Once the temperature has settled, it holds focus well even without locking. The all-threaded design of the field flattener gives me excellent flatness and sharp images.

    I'm still astounded by the quality of the images I'm getting back from an 80mm scope, especially when compared to my f/5 6" Newtonian.
  • Author: Mark Deans
    Recently got the wave series 80/480 APO and this scope outperforms my 85mm 4-element APO noticeably on color correction and the field is just as flat with the plano-star flattener. It's actually also a better telescope visually. It's quite a solid scope and heavy for an 80mm, because the mechanics are slightly over-engineered for imaging stability. Altair's advice is spot-on and I'm considering a larger version now. I have mounted it using the beefier TMS system with the 60mm guide scope side by side in the 100mm rings which I will leave feedback on too as they're great. Nothing but praise for this APO. Mark
  • Author: John Bunn
    I'm a visual observer not an astro-photographer and this scope produces a wonderful image. The image is perfect even on the moon and bright stars with no colour fringes. I have the large "Light Wave" image erecting prism, for daytime birdwatching at the Broads and my wife has sewn a neoprene cover for the scope. I use a large Manfrotto tripod for astronomy and birdwatching with geared head. To put this in perspective, my spotter cost three times more, and the little Altair apo is visibly better, sharper and brighter. I'm impressed that a local company can come up with a product of this standard. When I visited their shop in Aylsham I could see they are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Very happy with the support and advice. Keep it up, and thanks! JB
  • Author: Peter Cole
    Recieved my 80mm Triplet yesterday. It took me a long while to decide what my first refractor would be, So after asking around and reading reviews, This was the scope for me.
    I'm a visual astronomer, My other scope is a 12" F5.3 Newt.
    What can i say, This is a beautifuly crafted optical telescope, It's not cheap in build quality like so many others, Every thing shouts craftmanship, Even down to the nylon tips on the locking screws and is simply stunning to look at.
    The optics are amazing and very crisp from the views i have had so far with 40mm to 4 mm eyepieces. The focuser is silky smooth and big, I couldn't believe how big it was compaired to what i have previously been used to. Using the threaded options that this focuser has, I doubt there is an imaging camera that you can't use with it.
    The supplied tube rings and dovetail are solidly built with large locking bolts, Much better than a 'L' foot mount that other makers use and then expect you to add decent rings as an addon, It's just another sign of attention to detail and quality.
    So if your looking for a brilliant first scope or an imaging refractor, Get this one.
    The blurb says the case it comes with is just for transport. Do not be under the impression it's cheap and nasty, Far from it. It's well made and lockable, Very solid and is perfect for transporting or just storing when your not using your scope.
  • Author: Peter Cole
    Upgrade update on my previous review of the Wave series 80/480 Apo Triplet.

    Its been just over 3 years in use now and I have loved every minute of owning it. Visually it is pin sharp and nothing has given me greater viewing pleasure.

    Now however, I have been bitten by the Astrophotography bug or as my friends say, I have gone to the dark side.

    As the 80mm stands with it's standard Crayford focuser, I have #0010, It is perfect with a OSC or DSLR. However if you wish to use a heavier system similar to mine, Field Flattener, SX filter wheel and a Sbig STF8300 CCD. The weigh and drag effect is a bit to much for the Crayford focuser version.

    So how did I get around this, I added a Starlight Feathertouch 3" focuser with 3.5" drawtube. Yes you can fit them to the 80mm triplet.

    All the superlatives you have heard are true and then some. It is a gorgeous focuser, It oozes quality and when you rack in and out it just flows, I have loaded my complete imaging setup onto it and stood the tube on its dust cap, Loosened off the drawtube locking screw and it didn't move a millimetre. Simply fantastic.

    I must add that the FT drawtube is 55m shorter than the original Crayford. So to reach focus i spoke to Ian and he is having a 60mm extension tube threaded to take the FT end cap with M68x1 thread for the FF made up for me.

    As an imaging telescope, The 80mm triplet is beautiful, My first attempts at imaging have been amazing with the detail and clarity of images i have taken. For me this is the best telescope i have ever bought and i do have a few of them.

    So if your thinking of upgrading to a Feathertouch no matter which of the AA telescopes you own, Speak with Ian and he will make everything happen.

    I have no affiliation with Altair Astro what so ever, I'm just a very happy customer
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