Askar 130 PHQ Flatfield APO Quadruplet Refractor

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Product information

130PHQ is a long-focal-ratio, flatfield astrograph newly launched after 107PHQ. Instead of buying extra flatteners, calculating the backfocus of flattener or making tedious connection to match the distance, astrophotographers can simply equip it with any possible imaging devices, make the target stay at the focus, and then the whole optical system is perfect for imaging.

130PHQ has a larger size than 107PHQ, with an aperture 23mm larger than 107PHQ. 130PHQ has a focal ratio of f/7.7 which is longer than 107PHQ’ s f/7, and a focal length of 1000mm. The quadruplet lens with two ED glasses offers excellent control of chromatic and other aberrations. With its self-flattening design, 130PHQ offers strong advantages in astronomical shooting. It supports a medium frame 60mm image circle, has a fine spot diagram with tiny distortion of the peripheral stars, and its central RMS radius is less than 2 microns.

130PHQ comes with a telescopic lens hood, a high quality CNC machined and painted tube and attractive decorative parts. The 3.4" rigid focuser comes with M68, M54, and M48 adapters and a finder base. When used with the 3" 0.7 x flat field reducer, the telescope can reach a focal ratio of f/5.4 and a focal length of 700mm, effectively reducing exposure time. The multifunctional handle comes with a central slot for attaching an M6 screw with an M6 screw hole. Standard Losmandy dovetail plate, together with sturdy double tube ring, is perfectly suited for viewing and shooting.


130PHQ Illustrate in detail

Aperture size


Focal length


Focal ratio


Objective lens

Quadruplet air-spaced APO (including two ED glass)

Image circle


Maximum accessory connection

(with the focuser fully retreated)

Imaging mode

96mm(from the base of M48×0.75 male thread)
116mm(from the base of M54×0.75 male thread)
136mm(from the base of M68×1male thread)
166mm(from the base of M86×1 male thread)

Observing mode

148.5mm(from the end of 2" eyepiece holder)

Total length

842.5mm(including 1.25" eyepiece holder as dew shield contracted)
1011.5mm(including 1.25" eyepiece holder as dew shield fully stretched)
889.5mm(including the 4-piece adapter as dew shield contracted)
1061.5mm(including the 4-piece adapter as dew shield fully stretched)

OTA Weight


Total Weight (Including tube ring&dovetail plate)


Rear-end thread type

M54×0.75-M48×0.75(M48×0.75 filter thread inside)

Standard package items

An 130PHQ OTA,a pair of tube rings, a handle, an Askar losmandy 300mm dovetail plate, a set of 4-piece photographic adapters, a manual

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Product Code ASKAR-130PHQ
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