Baader Bino auxillary-ring for adaptation of MaxBright® II

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  • Maxbright II Bino rotation lock/auxillary-ring for the shortest possible adaptation of the Maxbright® II Bino directly onto all Baader T-2 star diagonals, be it prisms or mirrors without any part in between that would cause an increase in optical length. 
  • The Maxbright® II Bino has a male M34 thread exposed, after both alternative adapters have been removed from the body of the Maxbright II. This M34 male thread directly threads into the female M34 thread present in every Baader T-2 prism or mirror.
  • This direct attachment does not leave room between bino and T-2 star diagonal to take up a Baader glasspath-corrector, but on the other hand - the shorter optical length of the combo may be just short enough to not needing a glasspath-corrector at all - so it is well worth a try (exemption: the  2" Glasspathcorrector® 1,8x for Refractors and SC's (#2456305,  180,-) ) can be fitted in front of any of the Baader T-2 star diagonals). Still the Bino may not bottom out in the right position when fully threaded in while using the described male/female M34 threads. For this reason a dedicated  T-2 Locking ring with lever - for MaxBright® II (#2458271,  27,-) is available. This T-locking-ring will be threaded "upward" against the body of the Maxbright II, to prevent the Bino from unintended rotation and most of all to prevent it to fall off. 
  • T-2 Locking ring with lever - for MaxBright® II (#2458271) , dedicated for the Maxbright-II, is additionally required. This locking ring threads straight onto the male thread of any T-2 star diagonal and the above mentioned Bino auxillary-ring for adaptation of MaxBright® II (#2458272) is loosely put between binocular and locking ring. The small elevation visible at the locking ring must point towards the binocular and the smooth side towards the star diagonal. 
  • This auxillary-ring works as a cushion, to prevent scratching the paint at the bottom of the Maxbright II while the T-2 locking-ring is threaded upward against the bino. 
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USAGEfor Adaptation of MaxBright II

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