Baader CMOS Optimised UV/IR Cut and L Filter

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Product information

  • Baader CMOS UV / IR-Cut (420 - 685 nm) bandpass filter, suitable from f / 15 to f / 1.8
  • Reflects harmful thermal radiation in the infrared spectral range
  • Provides 98% transmission over the entire visible spectrum from 420 - 685 nm
  • Prevents unsharp star images on red-sensitive digital and CCD / CMOS cameras
  • Reflex-Blocker ™ hard-coated and optically polished - with sealed coating edges ( Life-Coat ™ )
  • Blackened edges all around, with a filter front indicator in the form of a telescope-side black outer edge
  • Optimised for modern CMOS cameras, also ideally suited for CCD camera technologies

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Brand Baader
Product Code 2961570
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