Baader Double Polarizing Filter 1¼"

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  • Baader 1¼" Double Polarizing Filter - Perfect for observing moon or planets, or for solar observations with AstroSolar Safety Film ND 5.0.
  • For 1¼" eyepieces, is inserted into the standard filter thread. One part of the filter cell is rotatable, so that you can adjust the brightness to the magnification of the eyepiece.
  • Both filters form a unit, to keep the filters perfectly aligned to each other this double filter cannot be seperated into to single filters. This way, the filter delivers high-contrast views even at high magnifications. Polarizing filters offer the highest flexibility; if you are looking for superior image quality, you should use regular Neutral Density Filter, where there are less glass surfaces in the light path.
  • Please note: Polarizing filters (and all other eyepiece filters) may never be used without an approriate solar filter (Astrosolar front filter, Herschel Wedge).

Baader Double Polarizing Filter

To screw into 1¼ or 2" eyepieces/threads. The two filters can be rotated against each other to always be able to achieve comfortable brightness level for moon observations, independent of moon phase. The Baader Double Polarizing Filter can also be used for solar observations in combination with an objective sun filter from Astro Solar Film.

The double polarizing filters in 1¼ or 2" can not be splitted into two parts, so you can't take one half as a single filter e.g. for a Herschel wedge. The reason for this is more stability and quality: If both housings could be separated, they may move or be tilted to each other, which could harm the image quality and cause reflexions.


Polarizer and neutral density filters need additional filtering (for example, Herschel Prism or Astro Solar Safety Film) before the eyepiece of the telescope for observations of the sun. Using without the appropriate filters can cause damage to the these filters and eyesight.

MANUFACTURERBaader Planetarium
SKU (#)2408340
EAN CODE4047825012463
AR-COATINGPhantom Coating® Group, planeoptically polished
SPECIAL FEATURESdouble polarizing filter for stepless brightness adjustment
FILTER SIZE1 25 inch
FILTER USAGELunar, Planetary, Solar, Specialty
FILTER MOUNTEDDouble mounted (LPFC 6mm) - total height 15mm
TYPE OF FILTERNeutral Density, Polarizing
SINGLE OR SET?Single Filter

Product Info

EAN 4047825012463
GTIN 4047825012463
Brand Baader
Product Code 2408340
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