Baader H-alpha Narrowband-Filters (6.5nm) CMOS-optimised

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Product information

  • Baader H-alpha Narrowband Filter Precision Grade
  • 6.5 nm FWHM, recommended for optical systems from f/10 to f/3.5
  • Reflex-Blocker hard coated and planeoptically polished with sealed coating edges (Life-Coat)
  • Blackened edges all around, with filter-lead-side-indicator in the form of a black frontside outer rim
  • Optimized for modern CMOS cameras, but excellent for CCD camera technologies

We explicitly warn against observing the sun with a DeepSky 6.5 nm (equivalent to 65 Ångstroem) H-alpha narrowband filter, specialized solar chromosphere and prominence filters from SolarSpectrum start at 0.8 Ångstroem. Photographic experiments with a camera are theoretically possible, but by no means observe the sun with naked eyes you endanger your eyesight!

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Brand Baader
Product Code 2961100
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