Baader Microstage II / Baader Digiscoping Adapter

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Product information

  • 2" camera adapter for digital compact cameras (for eyepieces with diameters between 29 and 63mm )
  • Secure grip! 25mm wide eyepiece clamp, for safely holding heavy cameras without any torsion. Much more stiff and rigid construction than all clones
  • Sturdy swivel arm with clickstop for cameras up to 1.5 kg
  • For afocal projection photography
  • ClickStop Twist-Lock-Mechanism

The Microstage II is the universal solution for small compact cameras. Large cameras up to DSLR require a sturdier connection

Invest in the best: the ORIGINAL

For good imaging results you need the real thing - the MICROSTAGE II is just that

You can find much cheaper clones of this product at Amazon asf. But once you try to use that you will instantly find out that the product is built improperly for the job. On all clones the metal frame that is supposed to clamp around an eyepiece is three times as narrow and cannot lock tight enough. These units bend off and mar the eyepiece once you load them with the most lightweight camera.

The spring loaded stops for the camera arm on these copys are single spring instead of double spring, the function is just awkward then. All bushings and fittings on those clones are done sloppy and weak - its a constant pain to work with such an improper tool.
Choose a tool not a toy get the real thing: the Microstage II

Ein leichtes Stativ erleichtert die Beobachtung

The Microstage II can be folded into a very compact configuration (18,5x12x2,6cm). The improved Microstage II has got a broader eyepiece clamp.

Microstage II Digiscoping-Clickstop Digital Camera Adapter with ClickStop Twist-Lock-Mechanism

The Microstage II Digiscoping-Adapter by Baader Planetarium is the perfect start into digital photography with compact cameras (with a fixed lens) through the eyepiece of telescopes, spotting scopes or even a pair of binoculars. With these optics, you have to do "afocal projection imaging". The Microstage II is the perfect tool for this.

Basically, you can take a photo through the eyepiece of a telescope, spotting scope or binocularwith every compact camera. To get a good image, the camera must be centered and positioned close behind the eyepiece. This is not always easy if you are working freehand.

Mit der MicroStage II lassen sich Kompaktkameras hinter fast jedem Gerät platzieren und leicht zur Seite schwenken

Take a photo through a pair of binoculars

With Microstage II, you can fix the camera in the perfect position behind the eyepiece and wait for the right moment simpler solutions let you only look through the camera, while the Microstage II allows you to easily swing the camera away to take a look through the eyepiece. When you are ready to shoot, simply swing the camera back the arm will lock in its old position, and you can take a picture.

Vignetting is also a problem of the past with the Baader Microstage II Digiscoping-Adapter. Finally, you can combine your digital camera with eyepieces which give you a large exit pupil. This way, you can use the whole camera sensor for images without dark edges no matter if you are shooting the moon or nature.

Für Astronomie, Jagd, Vogelbeobachtung, Camping und Reisen

Use the Baader Planetarium MicroStage II to take images through an eyepiece and to move the camera away when you don't need it.

The sturdy swivel arm holds cameras up to 1 kg. The Microstage II is an invaluable tool for all kinds of uses (hunters, target shooters) where visual observations are to be documented quick and easy with a camera. Take a photo, then move the camera away when you don't need it. The Microstage II has got a broader eyepiece clamp than its predecessor, for a better grip at the eyepiece.

Compact und effective

The Microstage II is a very reasonably prized camera mount for all eyepieces with diameters between 29 and 63mm. The arm (camera mount) of the Microstage II can be moved in several axles, so that you can align the optical axis of a camera centered behind the eyepiece. Folded together, it is very compact at 18,5x12x2,6cm and a weight of only 220g.

Der Digiscoping-Adapter rastet in verschiedenen Positionen ein, sodass die Kameraposition reproduzierbar ist.

The Digiscoping-adapter locks into several positions, so that you can always replicate a camera position.

The arm on which the camera is mounted and the eyepiece clamp are rubber-covered for a better grip and as protection from scratches.

The magnification is controlled by both the focal length of the eyepiece and by the camera's zoom (if available). The resulting "equivalent focal length" can be calculated as follows:

fnew = (ftelescope x fcamera lens) / feyepiece

If feyepiece = fcamera lens, then the image scale is 1:1, and the equivalent focal length is equal to that of the telescope.

The distance between eyepiece and camera lens is not part of this equation, but it influences the vignetting. The farther these two lenses are set apart, the higher is the risk of vignetting. They should be as close together as possible, but they must not touch to avoid scratches. You can align your camera very precise with the Microstage II. To keep some safety distance between the lenses, make sure that the camera lens is fully extended. 

Die Microstage trägt Kameras bis 1kg

The Microstage II carries cameras up to 1kg

Overview: Microstage II Digiscoping-Clickstop Digital Camera Adapter

  • Secure grip! 25mm wide eyepiece clamp, for safely holding heavy cameras without any torsion.
  • Much more stiff and rigid construction than all clones
  • Sturdy construction made of metall and plastic
  • Carries and aligns compact cameras with standard photo-thread
  • Foldable, compact construction
  • Very light-weight (215 g) and very sturdy
  • For cameras with a weight of up to 1.5 kg
  • Fits to all eyepieces with diameters between 29 and 63mm
  • Dimensions: 17,5x12x2,6 cm / 7 x 5 x 1 " (folded)
  • Incl. soft-leather bag for scratch-free storage together with your expensive optical equipment
  • Clickstop 3D cameraarm perfect for all kinds of spotting scopes
  • Great for birding, target shooting and much more

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