Baader Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller for all Steeltrack® focuser

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Product information

  • High precision focusing motor for very heavy loads (up to 8 kg), with temperature compensation
  • Timing belt eliminates backlash, fits onto all Baader Steeltrack® focusers (classic and Diamond), can be adapted to other focusers like the FeatherTouch by Starlight Instruments. Adapters for other focusers than the Steeltrack® (classic and Diamond) are not included.
  • Contactless Homing Sensor for precise homing and repeatable approach of saved absolute positions as well as reference of the mechanical endstop perfect for remote observatories
  • incl. intuitive hand control with back-illuminated keys to quickly change between normal speed, jogging mode and single step mode
  • 12 V / 1A PWM power output: e. g. for a dew shield heater. A dew shield heater can be connected with an optional adapter cable (sold seperately). The temperature can be controlled precisely via the temperature sensor(s) attached to the Steeldrive
  • Remote-focusing is possible with a PC with USB-port
  • incl. powerful SteelGo-software (as download)
  • Made in Germany: The housing is made in our house from CNC-milled aluminium. The electronic boards are also made by a German manufacturer according to our design

Baader Steeldrive II motor focuser for Diamond Steeltrack® Focusers and other Focusers

Baader Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller, Baader BDS Diamond Steeltrack<sup>®</sup> and Nikon DSLR-camera attached to a Baader Apo 95/560 Travel Companion on a 10Micron GM 1000 HPS Mount

Baader Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller, Baader BDS Diamond Steeltrack® and Nikon DSLR-camera attached to a Baader Apo 95/560 Travel Companion on a 10Micron GM 1000 HPS Mount

The aim of the development of the Baader Steeldrive II was not simply yet another motor focuser, but a complete platform which can adapt to the individual needs of amateur astronomers. That's why the "brain" of the Steeldrive II is not located in the tiny housing of the motor itself, but in a separate controller which also provides a keypad for manual control.

With a Steeldrive II motor focuser, you can automatically control your focuser with a computer as well as use the keys of the hand control for precise, vibration-free focusing.

The Steeldrive II consists of a motor unit, which is connected with a timing belt to the focuser's slow-motion-control to work without backlash, and of a control unit with the electronics, which also doubles as hand control. You can connect up to two temperature sensors at the same time, one on the motor unit and one on the control unit. One sensor is included with the Steeldrive II to compensate the drift automatically, if there are large temperature differences.

A control unit can control one motor unit at a time, but you can use a computer to control several controllers parallel.

The motor is designed to move to a saved position with highest precision if it is used together with the homing sensor even if it has to move several kilograms over the complete travel of the focuser!

The Steeldrive II Motor Focuser includes

Baader Steeldrive Mark II Controller

  • one motor unit with belt drive and a 3m long connection cable. It can be connected to all Baader Steeltrack® and Diamond Steeltrack® focusers
  • a 3D-printed magent holder for homing sensor, which can be attached to the focuser. For Baader Diamond Steeltrack® focusers, a Metal Magnet Ring #2957264 is available separatley
  • one Steeldrive II Controller with intuitive handling and keys for manual control, incl. 3m USB-cable
  • one Temperature Sensor with 1m cable, also supports control of dew-shield-heating
  • 12V/1,5A power supply, universal power supply for EU, GB and USA
  • SteelGO Software and ASCOM-driver to control several motor focusers with a pc (as Download)
  • Velcro tapes (cable ties) for strain-relieving cable management


  • High precision focusing of heavy loads
    The high-torque stepper motor is directly engaged with the focuser via a timing belt. This eliminates the backlash (and potential cause of defects) induced by gearboxes which would have to be used with lower power motors. The Steeldrive II can quickly move loads up to 8 kg with high precision. The focusing resolution is 2.5m. 
  • Intuitive Operation
    The intuitive hand control makes it possible to find and save the focus point very fast. Several modes are available to move the focuser:
    Normal mode: The focuser moves as long as a key is pressed.
    Jogging mode: Each keystroke moves the focuser for a distance which is configurable in the SteelGo-software (e.g. 0.1 mm).
    Single step mod: Each keystroke moves the focuser for the smallest possible way (ca. 2.5 micrometer).
    The configuration of limits, saving and resetting of positions and (de)activating of the temperature control can also be done with the hand control. Brightness of backlight illumination and status LEDs are also configurable.
  • Contactless Homing Sensor
    The Steeldrive II motor unit features a contactless (wearfree) homing sensor (hall-effect sensor). It is activated by a magnet attached to the moving part of the focuser. It enables precise homing and repeatable approach of saved absolute positions as well as reference of the mechanical endstop. A simple mount for this magnet to be attached to the focuser is included in the scope of delivery. For Baader Diamond Steeltrack® focusers, an adapterring made of metal is available separately.
    However the Steeldrive II can also be used without the homing sensor as the absolute position is kept in a persistant circular eeprom buffer. Even if a power failure occures, the absolute position is loaded upon restart of the Steeldrive II, as long as the focuser wasn't moved by hand.
  • Temperature Compensation
    Two digital temperature sensors may be used simultaneously. One of each may be connected to the motor- and the controller unit. For the automatic temperature compensation, the specific sensor to be used can be selected, or the average temperature of both sensors may be used (eg. measuring the temperature above and below the telescope tube, or inside and outside), depending on your needs. The temperature compensation factor is for example calculated with the SteelGO software and can then be saved locally on the Steeldrive II controller unit. The compensation period and T threshold can also be adjusted. The temperature compensation may then also be used in standalone mode of operation (without a connected computer).
  • 12V/1A PWM power output (PID-controllable)
    The Steeldrive II features a 12V/1A power output. It can be used with an optionally available adapter cable from Steeldrive II Controller AUX Port to Cinch with common dew-cap heaters #2957262 with up to 10W. The power can either be set in the SteelGo software, or you set a desired temperature for one of the temperature sensors. This prevents undesired heating of the telescope, because you keep the dew cap just above the dew point. It can also be used to control the exact temperature (+/-0.1 °C) of e.g. optical filters.
  • Made in Germany
    All mechanical parts are CNC-milled from Aluminium in our workshop. The electronical boards are also designed and made in Germany. We only use high-end electronical components. The electronic circuit boards are additionally protective coated.
  • Low Power Consumption
    The motor current is automatically reduced while in holding state. The Steeldrive II then consumes approximately 0.7 W.
MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2957165
RESOLUTION 2,5 Micrometer per step
SOFTWARE SteelGo II Software (Download)
MATERIAL Aluminium
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Steeldrive Mark II Control unit, incl. 3m USB-cable, 12V/1,5A power supply, Steeldrive Mark II Motor unit, incl. 1m connection cable, Velcro tapes (cable ties) for strain-relieving cable management, Allen key (2 mm) one temperature sensor with 1m cable,

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