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Product information

You see better with two eyes
The BRESSER BinoViewer Deluxe makes it possible to observe astronomical objects in a relaxed way with both eyes and with considerably more detail than using one eye. The images created of the moon, planets and globular clusters are particularly impressive. But also with deep-sky objects such as the Orion Nebula the detection of details is much easier. At the same time this binoviewer is very easy to handle. Thanks to the newly patented optical system you can get into focus with any telescope. All you need is a pair of identical eyepieces to enjoy this dramatic and immersive viewing experience.

How to use the BinoViewer?

Since the BRESSER BinoViewer Deluxe does not require an additional light path (back focus), it can be used with any telescope - including Newtonians and short focus refracting telescopes, which traditionally suffered when using standard binoviewers. No light path corrector or similar accessory is necessary. If a standard 1.25'' eyepiece can be focused, the binoviewer will also work. The eyepiece focal length and field of view size of the eyepieces used are fully retained. As with binoculars one eyepiece is focused first using the telescope focuser. Then the second eyepiece can be brought into focus using the helical focuser on the binoviewer. The required interpupillary distance is then elegantly adjusted to a range of 5874mm with the help of a linear sliding mechanism, with graduated marker, to help you find your ideal interocular setting quickly.  Self-centring helical eyepiece grips, rather than side-mounted thumbscrew eyepiece retainers are used, decreasing the chance of offsetting collimation of both eyepiece to each other.  The fact that this design of binoviewer uses a well-engineered linear slide mechanism to adjust interpupillary distance, rather than a cheaper-to-produce traditional hinged design also helps retention of collimation.

Which objects can be observed with this accessory?
Actually, all objects that were previously observed with the telescope in question, but only monocularly with one eye. Because there is no magnification factor at the binoviewer, even low magnifications can be achieved. This makes not only the moon, planets and globular clusters, but also the brighter deep-sky objects very interesting observation targets. The use of two eyes leads to a more relaxed view than using one eye alone.  Although true depth of field viewing at infinity is a little beyond most telescopes and binoviewers, users will note how the human brain attempts to impose depth of field ("3d-like") effects on stereo views through binoviewers.  The biggest difference that most observers comment upon when comparing views through binoviewers like these, as opposed to single monocular eyepiece views, is the extra detail that can be seen in most observable targets.  Relaxed viewing and extra detail in objects are the two main benefits of binoviewing, which the BRESSER Bino Viewer Deluxe 1.25'' delivers in abundance.

Also ideal as an accessory for solar telescopes

A very special application is the use of the BRESSER BinoViewer Deluxe in combination with all solar telescopes. The spherical shape of the sun with all its surface details is shown very impressively.  The depth of field effects of seeing filaments silhouetted against the solar surface are particularly enjoyable to observe.

Important note: The BRESSER Binocular Approach Deluxe must not be used without a suitable solar telescope or an upstream solar filter. Otherwise, there is an acute risk of going blind.

High-quality mechanics and materials

The entire BRESSER BinoViewer Deluxe is made of high-quality materials. Except for the outer plastic covers all components are made of anodised aluminium. Particularly remarkable are the low-backlash sliding mechanism for adjusting the interpupillary distance and the precise rotary clamping of both eyepiece adapters. The wide clamping surface holds the eyepieces in place securely and also centres them automatically on the optical axis. The one-sided dioptric adjustment has a backlash-free helical drive and enables the finest corrections. For safe transport a high-quality hard-shell transport case is included in the scope of delivery.

Which eyepieces can be used?
All eyepieces with a 1.25'' barrel and a field stop of up to 22mm. Depending on the interpupillary distance the outer diameter of the eyepiece housing should not exceed a value of approximately 50 mm.

Filter thread 1.25'' available
No 2nd filter sets are necessary to operate the BRESSER Binocular Approach Deluxe. The desired colour or nebula filter can be screwed directly into the 1.25'' nosepiece. in this configuration, when changing the eyepieces to affect a change in magnification, no swapping of filters is necessary.  


  • Enables binocular observations with all telescopes
  • Relaxed and comfortable viewing
  • Three-dimensional viewing experience
  • Suitable for all telescopes with 1.25'' eyepiece connection
  • No additional light path required
  • No magnification factor at the binocular attachment
  • Even low magnifications with large fields of view are achievable
  • For observing moon, planets and deep sky objects
  • Precise and robust mechanics
  • Sliding mechanism to adjust the interpupillary distance
  • Dioptric compensation via fine helical drive
  • Wide eyepiece rotation clamp with automatic centering
  • Filter thread 1.25'' (M28.5 x 0.6mm) available
  • High-quality hard-shell carrying case included

  • Bino Viewer Deluxe
  • Dust caps
  • Carrying case

Technical Data

Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 31.7 mm
Total length 132 mm
Total width 107 mm
Total height 50 mm
Net weight (without access.) 700 g
Length of the eyepiece barrel 32 mm
Please note, Bresser products are warehoused in Germany, therefore
please allow approx. 10 business days for delivery

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Product Code 4920300
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