EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC BT-120 SF Giant Binocular with 62° LER Eyepieces 20mm

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Product information

BT-120 SF giant binocular with 62° LER eyepieces 20mm for observation of the starry sky and terrestrial objects. Always with you on every excursion.

  • Giant binocular with large 120mm objective diameter
  • Observation of the starry sky and terrestrial objects
  • Extremely robust binocular, sealed and nitrogen filled
  • Comfortable 45 degree view and individual helical eyepiece focusing, carrying handle
  • Two high-quality ES 62 degree LER eyepieces 20mm Ar included
  • Eyepiece mount 1.25 inch / 31.7mm, interchangeable eyepieces
  • Suitable eyepieces of the ES 62 or 82 deg. series available
  • Extendable dew caps prevent misting on the lenses
  • Tripod connection: 2 x 1/4 inch + 1 x 3/8 inch photo thread
  • Mount recommendation: 0114300 U-mounting with field tripod

Giant binocular for observing the starry sky, nature and landscape. 
Observe the beauty of the starry sky at night and distant objects in nature during the day. Globular star clusters, glowing gas nebulae, the moon with its craters and even planets can be observed wonderfully on a clear night. But also all other distant things in nature and landscape, even ships and airplanes can be seen in detail. With the all-round binoculars of the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC BT series, you can get up very close. Thanks to the large, light-gathering lenses and the professional coatings on all lens surfaces, these binoculars produce bright and brilliant images even at night and at twilight, providing a special viewing pleasure. The comfortable 45 degree viewing angle allows fatigue-free use, even when the binoculars are tilted upwards towards the zenith.  

A large binocular can also be called a double refractor telescope 
Binoculars such as these can really be described as a double telescope.  In this configuration, the full light gathering power of one single telescope is available to each eye. Experience a whole new dimension of observing as a consequence. Objects are reproduced almost vividly in these binoculars and observing with both eyes is a very relaxing experience. Last but not least, this comfortable way of observation increases the recognition of the finest details (particularly in fainter deep sky targets) and effectively prevents eye fatigue. 

Extremely robust binoculars with magnesium housing, sealed and filled with nitrogen  
The BT series binoculars are designed for tough outdoor use. The IPX6 sealed and nitrogen-filled design effectively prevents fogging of the internal optics even under difficult weather conditions. The very light magnesium housing saves weight and makes it easy to handle. Two EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 20mm eyepieces of the 62 degree LER series already included. EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC is an established manufacturer of extremely high-quality eyepieces in the astronomy scene. An optical system is only as good as its weakest component. Therefore we have decided to deliver these giant binoculars with a pair of quality eyepieces of the 62 degree LER series. With an apparent field of view of 62 degrees and a focal length of 20mm, the BT-120 binoculars produce a 33x magnification. Thus these wide angle eyepieces offer a very good overview (field of view 1.8 degrees) at moderate magnification. The large interpupillary distance of these LER (long eye relief) eyepieces of 15mm and soft silicone eyecups, which can be turned inside out, also guarantee a comfortable and relaxed view. For astronomy, a flat and sharp image field is advantageous and offers a particularly impressive viewing experience even during the day. Due to the waterproof design and the argon filling, these eyepieces are absolutely durable and easy to clean. 

Interchangeable eyepieces with 1.25 inch / 31.7mm plug-in diameter 
Adjust the magnification and field of view to your individual needs and choose from a wide range of available eyepieces. All eyepiece types with a plug-in diameter of 1.25 inch / 31.7mm can be used with the binoculars of the BT series. Especially recommended are EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC eyepieces of the 62 and 82 degree series with focal lengths from 8 to 26mm (see item No. 02188xx and 02196xx). The magnification can be varied from 25x to 75x (focal length binoculars : focal length eyepiece = magnification). The eyepieces are held in the binoculars by a precise brass compression ring clamp and guarantee a tilt free position.  

Use of colour and nebula filters for astronomical observations 
Increase the contrast and visibility of objects and details by screwing the corresponding filters directly into the thread of the eyepiece sleeves. The use of colour and nebula filters must of course always be done in pairs. Suitable are all EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC screw filters with 1.25inch / 31.7mm diameter (see item No. 03102xx)  

Comfortable 45 degree view and helical single focus 
The 45-degree viewing angle allows a relaxed observation position even when the binoculars are tilted strongly. Also the individual interpupillary distance can be adjusted in a range from 54 to 76mm. With the fine helical individual focusing, precise focusing is achieved effortlessly. Extendable dew caps The integrated dew caps can be removed in high humidity and cold conditions. This avoids fogging of the outer objective lenses and effectively shields additional control light coming in from the side. 

Integrated carrying handle 
A metal carrying handle located at the center of gravity facilitates transport and ensures a secure hold during tripod assembly. 

Suitable tripods and tripod connection

When using these large binoculars, a sturdy photo tripod with an appropriate load capacity is highly recommended. The connection is made via two 1/4 inch or one 3/8 inch threaded holes (standard photo tripod thread) in the tripod adapter of the binoculars. The ideal solution is to use the optional available EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC U-Mount with field tripod (item No. 0114300). This is specially designed for the large binoculars of the BT series and carries these binoculars absolutely securely. The excellent support mechanism, with adjustable friction in both axes allows easy moving and tracking. The binocular position is kept stable depending on the adjusted friction intensity. Vibrations are reduced to a minimum by the massive construction of the U-Mount and the large stainless steel tripod. Even at high magnification there are no discernible vibrations and this allows the finest details to be observed in a chosen target.

Technical Data

Field of application
  • Astronomy
  • Bird watching & Nature observation
  • Night
Type Giant Binoculars
Optical design
  • Achromatic Refractor
  • Porro
Magnification 33
LE Eyepieces
Mirror/Lens diam. 120 mm
Focal length 660 mm
Aperture ratio 5.5
Apparent field of view 62 degrees
Material prismn BaK-4
Type of coating Enhanced Multilayer Desposition (EMD)
Exit pupil min. 3.6 mm
Eyepieces for eyeglass wearers
Diopter setting
Field of view 1.8 degrees
Near focus from7 35 m
Level of protection IPX6
Inert gas purged
Tripod adapter thread
Focusing system Individual eyepiece focus
Single eye adjustment
Eyecups Rubber eyecups, foldable
Interpupilar distance min. 54 mm
Interpupilar distance max. 76 mm
Eye relief 15 mm
Colour white
Body material Magnesium
Dust protection caps Dust protection caps for front lens and eyepiece holder
Extended warranty 10 years
Total length 654 mm
Total width 290 mm
Total height 156 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 8300 g

Product Info

EAN 4007922068053
Brand Explore Scientific
Product Code 0114230
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