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The Explore Scientific Two Room Pop-Up Observatory is a useful weatherproof tent that protects your valuable equipment from wind, dew, rain and dust. Most amateur astronomers and astrophotographers dream of having an observatory to keep dust, dew and wind away from their telescope and to shield disturbing stray light from their telescope's optics. But for many astronomers, an observatory is only a dream because of the cost of a roll-roof building or an observatory dome. There is also the problem that an observatory building needs a permanent location that is suitable for an observatory.

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Portable, quick to set up and inexpensive
Compared to their fixed counterparts, a tent is extremely inexpensive and can be set up almost anywhere there is a flat surface and a clear view of the sky. However, setting up a portable observatory tent can also be a hassle. No one wants to waste their valuable observing time reading complex instructions while trying to figure out which pole goes where. For this reason, we have used a sturdy pop-up design. Setting up the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pop-Up Observatory can be done in a matter of minutes. By releasing a retaining strap, the complete tent unfolds from its packaging in just a few seconds. You really don't need to do anything other than connect the two observatory rooms with a Velcro seam and attach it to the ground. Thanks to this simple design, the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pop-Up Observatory can be set up and taken down in just a few minutes, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your astronomy weekend.

Plenty of space and super compact when folded up.
With just under 5 square metres of total space and 1.52 metre high side walls, coupled with 1.83 metre high windscreens, the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pop-Up Observatory allows you to set up your computer equipment in one room and the telescope in the other, or set up two complete telescope systems. Each room is 152 by 152 centimetres. Mobile observatory with compact transport dimensions In addition to being easy to set up and take down, another advantage of the pop-up design is that it is travel-friendly, as it is light and easy to stow away. The entire observatory tent folds down to a package 70 centimetres in diameter and 10 centimetres thick. This allows it to be transported in a small car or even on a flight for distant expeditions. And apart from the fact that it allows you to go to your favourite observing site at any time, portable observatory tents are usually the first choice for astronomers and astro-photographers attending star party events.

Advanced materials provide optimal protection and durability
However, the fact that the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pop-Up Observatory is lightweight and easy to store and set up doesn't mean it can't withstand bad weather conditions. The Black-Out coated polyamide material is waterproof and offers excellent UV protection. This guarantees reliable protection for your equipment as well as long-lasting durability of the observatory tent.

Large doors for convenient use The doors to enter the observatory tent and pass through the attached rooms are very generously sized at 102 centimetres high and 92 centimetres wide, so you can easily walk in and through your equipment. The doors roll down to keep moisture out and their heavy-duty zips will last for years.

The extra weather cover protects your gear when not in use.
With the large weather cover included, you can protect your gear from the hot sun or a surprise rain shower during the day. Or even from dew at night. The modern, coated and waterproof material keeps all unwanted weather influences away from your equipment.

Included are cords and pegs to tie down the tent. The structure also has additional holding straps for the use of heavy-duty straps, which can be purchased at local hardware stores.


  • Practical weather protection for telescopes
  • Protects your equipment from wind, dew, rain and dust
  • Mobile observatory: portable, quickly assembled, reasonably priced
  • Compact transport size also suitable for air travel
  • 5 square metres of space for your equipment and sufficient freedom of movement
  • Interior dimensions: 152 x 304cm
  • Side wall height 152cm / windbreak wall height 183cm
  • Large 102 x 92cm doors for ease of use
  • Additional weather protection cover included
  • Advanced materials provide optimum protection and durability
  • Cords and pegs included to tie down the tent
  • Additional tie downs for heavy duty straps included
  • Transport dimensions and weight: diameter 70cm, height 10cm, 3kg
  • Colour tent material: black


  • Two-room pop-up observatory tent
  • Weather protection cover
  • Set of cords and pegs

Technical Data

  • Colour black
  • Material Nylon


  • Total length 3040 mm
  • Total width 1520 mm
  • Total height 1830 mm
  • Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 3000 g

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