iOptron Cube-PRO Portable GOTO Telescope Mount with GPS

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Buy iOptron from Altair Astro - we have over 10 years experience servicing iOptron mounts in-house and offer a 2 year warranty.
The iOptron CubePro is the ideal "grab 'n go" mount to go with your portable celestial or solar telescope. It will track and locate celestial objects in any part of the sky. 
Due to it's compact size, the Cube PRO is the ideal companion for 70-80mm ED refractors, Maksutovs up to 100mm in aperture, or Solar telescopes.
Setup is very quick and the alignment procedure takes about a minute - in fact very accurate one-object alignment can be performed on an easily identifiable object, even the moon (or sun, with a filter). 
Once aligned, the mount will automatically track the object. Simply choose the next object from the 130,000 object database and the mount will automatically slew to it.
The standard 1.75" (48-45mm) dovetail clamp makes the Cube PRO mount compatible with many different optical tubes, and you can power the Cube PRO with AA batteries. An optional 12v DC car socket adaptor is also available. A 1" stainless steel tripod is included. The compact design of the tripod and the mount makes it easy to carry anywhere. A compact counterweight shaft and counterweight are included for use with heavier optical tubes up to 5kg.
The SmartStar GOTO control system is one of the most advanced on the market today, with a 130,000 object library, and the easiest-to-use, most logical menu system available. The adjustable brightness 8-line backlit LCD screen ensures the mount doesn't interfere with your night vision, yet it can be used during daytime for solar observing and tracking. 
Cube PRO questions & answers: 
Q: Is the Cube PRO suitable for beginners? Absolutely. This is one of the easiest mounts to use on the market. What's more, because it's manufactured as a "standalone" mount, i.e. without an optical tube, it offers better quality electro-mechanical package than most beginner mounts included with telescopes.
Q: What's the difference between the Cube  PRO and other Cube models? The Cube PRO is an enhanced version of the extremely popular Cube range. The Cube PRO has more powerful computer controller, larger object database, metal worm gear, tapered bearings, and a sturdier tripod. This makes it more steady, and more durable with increased weight capacity yet the same size.
Q: Why is the optical tube mounted on the outside of the Cube PRO? Oher mounts restrict the where the telescope tube can point, especially towards the vertical. Because the telescope is on the outside of the Cube PRO mount, there are no dead spots so you can point your telescope to ANYWHERE above the horizon.
Q: Can I control the CubePro with my PC? Yes, the Cube PRO is compatible with ASCOM compliant planetarium programs and many other programs such as Sky X, Starry Night and Voyager.
Q: Can I find and observe objects during the daytime? Yes you can! For solar observing, simply align on the sun and the mount automatically switches to a solar tracking rate. Please remember never view the sun with any telescope without a solar filter. One fun thing to after you've aligned on the sun, is to try finding bright planets like Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter during the daytime. Even a 70mm Aperture telescope can reveal these objects and features on them - why not give it a try?
Cube-PRO Specifications:
  • Mount type - AltAzimuth Mount 
  • Telescope Tube Connection Vixen-Style Dovetail
  • 32 Channel GPS for fast alignment
  • Payload 5kg, depending on tubes and attachments
  • Accurate SmartStar GoTo and auto-tracking
  • 130,000 Object Database
  • Metal worm gear
  • Automatic over-current protection
  • Automatic clutch protection for both axes
  • Tapered bearings
  • Metal worm/gear
  • 1" Stainless Steel tripod 
  • PC Control Protocol: ASCOM
  • Firmware Upgrade via Handset USB port
  • Batteries: AA x 8 (not included)
  • An optional 12v DC car socket adaptor is also available. 
  • Dual-Axis DC 12v Servomotors 
  • Slewing Speeds: (1x,2x,8x,16x,64x,128x,256x,512x,Max)
To find out more about the iOptron Cube PRO as well as it's larger siblings, the Minitower and Minitower PRO mounts, we suggest joining the iOptron Yahoo User Group: Click here to join the iOptron Cube & Minitower Mount User Group

Please note: The telescope shown in the image is not included, this is just for demonstration purposes.

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