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Ioptron Minitower v2.0 GOTO Mount

Ioptron Minitower v2.0 GOTO Mount
iOptron Minitower goto alt azimuth mount iOptron Minitower dual telescope setup iOptron Minitower aluminium carry case iOptron Minitower with 108mm F6.1 refractor
Price: £799.00
Incl. VAT 20% ( £133.17 )
Product code: MINI-T
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NEW The Minitower V2.0 replaces the v1.0 building on the huge success of that model - with enhanced components and encoders for higher accuracy and greater reliability.

The iOptron Minitower is the perfect GoTo altazimuth telescope mount, offering 25lb of carrying capacity and excellent portability.

"All parts of the mount except for the tripod fit within a compact aluminium flight case so the mount is very portable making it a superb ‘pick-up and go’ package, ideal if you want to get away from the lights of your town and set up in a dark sky location.'s very quick to set up and its GOTO ability and tracking could not be faulted..." Prof Ian Morison (from his review in Astronomy Now Magazine).
Read the full iOptron Minitower v1.0 Review in Astronomy Now Magazine 2010 (new window, PDF format).

25 lb Payload. Born out of the popular iOptron Cube™, the MiniTower™ is the ultimate observing solution for people who want a portable GoTo telescope mount to counter urban light pollution and for air travel. With a payload of 25 lbs, a rock solid full-height 1.5” stainless steel tripod, metal worm and gears and two dovetail adaptors, the MiniTower™ is capable of handling the majority of telescopes. Its payload can be even further enhanced by more than 50% with the heavy-duty accessories.

For example, you can mount an 8" Schmidt Cassegrain, an 4" refractor, a 6" Newtonian or even a 6" Maksutov Cassegrain telescope.

Highly Portable. With all the standard components (excluding the tripod) packaged in an alloy metal case, MiniTower™ can easily be carried around in a car trunk or as an airline luggage. The whole system is quick to assemble. This ultra-portability, combined with the internal GPS receiver, lets you take your minitower anywhere.

Accurate GoTo and Tracking: Equipped with advanced SmartStarÒ GoTo technology, the MiniTower™ has high pointing accuracy and smooth tracking. The standard model 8401 hand controller lets you navigate the night sky with an 8 line LCD back-lit display, a 130,000 object database and a USB port for easy connection with ASCOM compliant PC planetarium programs. With a typical GoTo accuracy of 1 arc minute and the SmartStarÒ precision auto-tracking, MiniTower™ will consistently bring the celestial object of your choice to the center of the eye-piece and keep tracking it for hours. This is a great mount for the solar observer too and it will track the sun very easily without a lengthy alignment routine. Simply level the mount and synch to the sun and that's it. (We have tested this both day and night, and were very impressed! - Nick & Ian, Altair)

Additional Unique Features. Powered with other features such as automatic over-current protection, automatic clutch protection for both axes, easy 3-point level adjustment, dual scope setup with two dovetails (click for more detailed images opposite) and much more, MiniTower™ is one of the most user-friendly GoTo mounts available today.
You can order a high quality Altair TMS Vixen-format or Losmandy-format dovetail clamp for your Minitower PRO. To do so, you need to order the Altair TMS Minitower adapter puck from the associated product list below, then choose a Vixen-format or Losmandy-format dovetail clamp of your choice.
iOptron firmware update - Update your iOptron GOTO hand-set with the latest firmware and download the iOptron ASCOM drivers for use with planetarium programs like Starry Night.
Do not be concerned if the box appears to have been opened. All mounts are removed from their boxes, and checked. We then apply a unique one-off, anti-tamper serial number to every product supported under our warranty. An image of the serial number is shown below. This can be found inside the Minitower battery compartment - simply remove the battery holder, and the serial number should be immediately visible. This entitles you to two years of warranty support from date of purchase, provided you can produce the original sales invoice with that serial number on it and the serial number on the product isn't showing signs of tampering. Legitimate iOptron products purchased from Offical EU Distributor Altair Astro UK and our official European partners will all have this unique serial number.
Altair iOptron Serial Number

Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Tony Moore
    I currently use a Celestron 9.25 OTA and a Skywatcher ED80, plus the usual collection of eyepieces and gizmos that one accumulates over the years. I do a limited amount of astro-photography using a Canon EOS 400D.

    For the last 2 years I had been using an HEQ5 Pro GEM mount, but as I have no permanent site for the scope I was starting to find the effort of lugging all that weight around, the polar alignment and set-up time and then the teardown at the end of sessions, very tiresome; to the point that I was not taking advantage of my equipment.

    I came across the iOptron products here at Altair Astro and the Mini Tower mount seemed to be the answer to my dreams. After some discussions with Ian I purchased a Mini Tower. The phrase "It does what it says on the box" comes to mind! Setup is quick and easy; the prime mover being ensuring that the mount is level and the scope is balanced. You either then go through the 1 or 2 star alignment method of aligning the scope or simply point the scope to a known objet and synch to it. It takes all of a couple of minutes and its accuracy on subsequent Go Tos is unnervingly accurate. Tracking is similarly accurate considering this is an Alt Az mount and an object centred in the eyepiece will stay there for hours on end without any visible drift.
    I have also successfully mounted my Celestron C9.25 ; and Skywatcher 80ED side by side and was delighted at how easy the scopes were to balance and the seemingly effortless way that the mount handles what must be a 35lb payload. There seems to be no noticeable strain on the motors and drive train and the tracking and Go Tos are spot on.
    My only niggle is the tripod. Its a shame that iOptron skimped on this and lets hope that they will use the 2 inch one they supply for the pro mount in future. I myself will be beefing up my tripod asap.
    I will also be purchasing the Altair puck and DVC to give added stability.
  • Author: Peter Crane (
    I have just built a 180mm x 180mm square concrete pier next to my observatory and run the mini tower from cartes du ciel on a laptop in the observstory I intend to use it with a 180mm Maksutov and camera for planetary work at the same time as my 10" on deep sky.
  • Author: Peter Cole
    I bought my V2 in 2012 with the Altair VDC and Puck which is superior to the included items. It's now set up in Crete and I use it with both my Lunt LS35T and my Altair Wave 80mm triplet.
    This mount is simple to use, Line the arrow up with south, Just plug the power lead in, Find a star or the Moon or the Sun if your solar viewing, Press sync and that's it.
    You just view the object for literally hours.
    With my Lunt I have tracked for 5 hours as I had visitors and just left it running and to be honest, I forgot it was still going and with the 80mm 2 hours. I have never had to re centre once, This mount is phenomenal in its accuracy and it is almost silent, If I can get my 5" ETX off its mount, I will be hanging that onto the MT as well.
    Would I alter anything on the mount, I would add either the iOptron #8032 Half pier, Just to raise the viewing height, I don't like to have tripods at full height. Or the # 8030M Full pier if I hang a large 7" Mak or 9.25" Celestron onto it.

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