iOptron SkyGuider Pro Camera Mount Full Package
iOptron SkyGuider Pro Camera Mount Full Package
iOptron SkyGuider Pro Camera Mount Full Package
iOptron SkyGuider Pro Camera Mount Full Package
iOptron SkyGuider Pro Camera Mount Full Package

iOptron SkyGuider Pro Camera Mount Full Package

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The SkyGuider Pro is a must have tool for any photographer interested in astroscape or wide field astrophotography, allowing you to take long exposures with almost any digital camera, to capture stunning images of the night sky. 
Usually, the rotation of the earth makes stars appear as long streaks in long exposure photographs of the night sky, however the SkyGuider PRO tracks apparent sky-movement, eliminating star-trailing.
Four years ago, iOptron introduced the SkyGuider TM. It quickly became the tool of choice for serious astroscape and wide-field astro imaging. Since then there's been an explosion of interest in this popular genre of outdoor photography. As users' imagination pushed existing tracking devices to their limits, iOptron designers recognized it was time for the next generation camera-tracker.
The iOptron SkyGuider PRO TM offers high precision silent tracking, a built-in rechargeable power source and ST4 guiding. The improved precision polar scope has a dark-field illumination, fine engraved reticule and adjustable brightness.  This gives optimal visibility under all conditions. 
iOptron smartphone app shows you quick and accurate placement of the pole star for quick and accurate polar alignment (see below for links). 
The DEC mounting bracket package, which includes DEC mounting bracket, counterweight shaft, counterweight and Vixen-type dovetail saddle, makes the SkyGuideTM Pro mount suitable for a heavier camera/lens system, even a lightweight telescope like the Altair Starwave 70mm ED.
For more advanced users who want extra-long exposures and or have longer focal length lenses, the built-in autoguiding port allows even more accurate tracking with an external guide camera such as the popular Altair GPCAM2 Mono.
Small enough to fit in your hand, the SkyTracker Pro is easily transported most anywhere. Under the skin it maintains the precision and mechanical quality synonymous with iOptron products. It has a unique bi-directional rapid slew function enabling the user to reframe without disturbing the camera.  
A rechargeable onboard power source was added, capable of over 24 hours of continuous operation on any of The SkyTracker Pro mounts 4 tracking speeds (1x, 1/2x, lunar, solar). 
iOptron also made a few changes to the alt azimuth base standard with the SkyTracker Pro. Firstly it's removable, allowing the mount head to fit directly on any standard photographic tripod with 1/4 or 3/8 threads, a nice feature especially when portability is a priority.  If the user chooses to use the compact base, they will immediately appreciate the accuracy of movement in pointing provided by the fine adjustments in both the altitude and azimuth planes.  
The base also has a precision bubble level, a degree scale on the altitude adjustment, and a built in center post providing a stanchion for the azimuth controls to oppose. 
The optional 8408 hand controller allows you to check the Pole Star position for the polar alignment, slew the mount, adjust the guiding rate, change the mount settings and control the camera trigger. 
SkyGuider PRO features:
  • All metal structure
  • Attaches to a camera tripod with 3/8 or 1/4 threads
  • Payload 11 lbs (5kg) (balanced, with DEC mounting bracket, exclude CW)
  • Silent tracking for smooth camera motion, perfect for long-term exposures
  • Detachable alt-azi base with fine latitude and azimuth adjusters for easy polar alignment
  • Includes iOptron AccuAlign TM dark-field illuminated polar scope
  • Adjustable polar scope illumination
  • 4 tracking speed (1X, 1/2X, solar and lunar). 1X celestial tracking for imaging the sky and stars; 1/2X tracking speed for imaging both the starry night and the landscapes at the same time
  • Operation in both Northern and Southern hemisphere
  • Quick slew (144X) for camera framing adjustment
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of operation (20°C)
  • Built-in ST-4 autoguiding port
  • HBX port for external hand controller
  • Micro USB port for power, charging and firmware upgrade
  • Built-in shutter triggering port
  • Padded carry bag included
  • DEC mounting bracket
  • Counterweight and CW shaft
  • Vixen dovetail saddle for scope mounting
  • Optional ball head available separately (#3305A)
  • Optional Go2Nova® 8408 hand controller (#8408)
  • Optional DSLR camera shutter trigger cable
In the box:
  • SkyGuiderTM Pro camera mount
  • Alt-azi base (installed)
  • AccuAlignTM dark field illuminated polar scope (installed)
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Padded carry bag
  • DEC mounting bracket w/ camera mounting disk
  • 1.35kg counterweight
  • Stainless steel CW shaft
  • One Year Limited Warranty (90 day on battery)
Note: The #3305 ball-head is not included, but available separately (choose option on ordering), or you can use a good quality pro ball-head.

Why buy the Sky Guider instead of similarly priced DSLR tracking mounts?
  • The SkyGuider PRO is probably the most compact and lightest product even with the included micro-adjustable AZ base.
  • It's rechargeable with a standard micro USB charger.
  • You can polar-align the Sky Guider with the illuminated reticule switched on, whilst the mount is loaded with equipment. There is no need to remove the camera or ball-head to polar align. The polar scope is not obstructed and can be viewed through, because the DEC axis doesn't obstruct it. The illuminator is built-in and you do not need to detach it after alignment. These features allow for quick, easy setup.
  • One travel case is included for the mount head and counterweight.
  • The SkyGuider has a high quality worm gear for good tracking out of the box.
  • The Skyguider can be auto-guided for very long exposures.
* SkyGuider links: Reviews: SkyGuider V1
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