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Kendrick Premier Brand heaters are the best heaters made and they produce considerably more heat than any other brand. You dont always need the extra heat, but there are going to be times that you are glad to have it.

If you point a telescope or any lens at the night sky, condensation usually forms on the lens within half an hour or so. This is caused by rapid cool down of the lens to below ambient temperature. 

Kendricks Premier dew heaters are designed to disperse heat into your optics to stop dew formation. Many companies have tried to copy this original design and idea by Jim Kendrick, however the premier heater line remain the most reliable, highest quality dew heater on the market, and a must-have accessory for astronomy.

The Premier Heater line is Kendrick flagship brand and Kendrick highest quality heater. They are built of the highest possible quality materials. These are not off-the-shelf heaters! Kendrick use the best quality velcro, elastic and flex heaters available for this line. The cables are cold flexible down to temperatures of -40 and the cable housing is custom make for Kendrick to their specifications. All Kendrick competitors use cable that gets stiff and brittle in cold environments.

Kendrick heaters have been built to use only as much power as necessary and thereby not waste energy. They have built in foam insulation on one side to help prevent heat loss in the atmosphere and direct the warmth generated by the heaters into the optics.

Simply wrap the heater around the front of your telescope, finder or eyepiece, just behind the optics. The heater has a high quality elasticated Velcro tab which holds the heater in place. Kendrick dew heaters can be used in combination with Kendrick dew shields for added contrast and protection against dust. Kendrick Premium heaters have an RCA plug which fits into a Kendrick dew controller and must always be used with a controller. Dew heaters should never be used by connecting them durectly to a power source.

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Brand Kendrick
Product Code KAI-2006
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