Kendrick Dew Shield 105mm 4 inch 95-110mm Diameter

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Product information

  • Delays the formation of dew on your telescope lens
  • Reduces the chance of dust and pollen sticking to the optics
  • Can be used with a Kendrick dew heater in extremely dewy conditions
  • Black flocked inner lining improves your telescope contrast (great for imaging)
  • Non slip Neoprene ring to grip the optical tube
  • Double stitched special plastic with Extra Long Life Velcro
  • The best on the market, will last for years, and should not be confused with cheaper products.
Kendrick Dew Shields are constructed of black ABS plastic and are all felt lined for maximum absorbtion of moisture and baffling of stray light.
The cap is attached by wrapping it around your telescope just below the front lens or corrector plate ring. The two outside ends are then pressed together using the sewn on velcro.
A neoprene rubber strip is included which attaches along the bottom of the dewcap where there is no felt. This provides a friction-fit so that the dewcap will not slide down once attached. It also introduces a gap with enough room to attach a Kendrick dew heater around the telescope OTA on the inside of the dewcap.
Dew Shields will not prevent dew from forming on your telescope but they will delay it for around 30 to 40mins after the dew point has been reached in average UK conditions. Kendrick Dew Shields are however compatible with dew heater heters, which are installed just in front of the neoprene strip on the inside ot the dewcap. This is the best setup for UK or European conditions because it provides all-night dew free operation and reduces the power setting for the dew heaters.
Dew prevention isn't the only benefit of a Dew Shield. They will also improve image contrast by cutting down on the amount of stray light that enters the front of your telescope due to street lights, skyglow, etc. This is especially important for refractors. The inner flocked lining protects your optics from dust by trapping it. Telescopes with dew shields installed usually have cleaner front lenses. We highly recommend the use of a dewshield if you have a SCT for this reason alone. Although refractors usually come with dew shields built-in, owners often add a dew cap to delay the onset of dew, and to reduce the effects of external light pollution even further.
Q. Can I use a Kendrick Dewcap with a dew heater? 
A. Yes you can. Our Dewcaps come with a .5" thick rubber strip along the bottom. This provides plenty of room to wrap a heater around your telescope and then wrap the Dewcap around the heater, enclosing the heater inside the dewcap. This changes the Standard Dewcap to a heated dewcap and you have the choice of using other heaters.
Q. Can I modify my Kendrick dewcap to accomodate dovetails and other hardware?
A. Yes you can. All you need is a utility knife and a hand drill. If you do modify our dewcap, you must make sure that the corners of the cut are rounded otherwise the corner could split. See an explanation on how to do this here Dewcap modification instructions. In most cases however, this isn't required because the neoprene inner lining can be cut, instead of the dewshield itself.

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MPN KAI-2030
MPN KAI-2030
Brand Kendrick
Product Code KAI-2030
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