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Kendrick Split Newtonian Secondary Heater

Kendrick Split Newtonian Secondary Heater
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The Kendrick split ring style Newtonian secondary dew heater is designed to fit directly to the glass of the secondary mirror with a thinner central stalk, including Meade Light Bridge, Orion USA Intelliscope Dobs, Orion UK Newtonians and Dobsonians, and most Skywatcher Newtonians.

The dew heater is flexible, so it can easily be placed around the mirror stalk, and then the heater is glued to the back of the mirror using just a few small dabs of glue or silicon sealer.

This heater works will with secondary mirrors of around 75mm (3.00") or larger. The heater warms the mirror slightly above ambient temperature, and clears away dew or condensation. Once the mirror is cleared, you can leave your Kendrick controller on at a low power setting (about 10%) and the mirror will remain free of dew. In extreme conditions you can increase the power as needed. These heaters are very efficient at converting electricity to heat and very little power is required.

Specifications & Measurements:

  • Wire length: 380mm (15")
  • Connector: RCA plug
  • Wattage: 2 watts at 100% setting.
  • Center hole dimensions: 50 x 71 mm
  • Outer dimensions 72 x 100mm
Newtonian secondary dew heater installation tips: The heater wires can be taped down along one of the spider vanes (we recommend using black electrical tape). The heater cables are very thin and will not affect image quality if placed along the top of the spider vane, using black electrical tape.
Also included with your heater is a Female-to-Female RCA connector and a 6’ RCA extension cord so that you can extend a power lead to your Kendrick dew controller. We recommend a dew controller setting of 10% to 20% for this heater. Only use higher settings if your mirror is already dewed over and you need to clear it or your observing environment requires it.
Due to some poor quality copies of Kendrick dew controllers appearing recently on the market using cheap components, the warranty is void if used with a non-Kendrick controller or a 12v constant power supply (which is highly inadvisable). If used with a fused Kendrick dew controller, this product has a 2 year limited warranty.
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