Lightwave 0.8x Reducer

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Product information

The Lightwave 0.8x focal reducer gives an 0.8x reduction in F-Ratio for faster exposure times and a wider field for astro-photography of extended faint objects like nebulae and galaxies.

Works particularly well for refractors telescopes of F5.5-F8 focal ratios, however also known to work with RC telescopes.

This flattener gives consistently good results with most refractor telescopes, including the Skywatcher Evostar refractor range. Join our friendly Facebook Astronomy group for examples.

  • Reduces exposure time for faint objects and flattens photographic field.
  • 38mm Clear aperture.
  • Integral T-Ring adaptor thread to fit the Altair Magnetic Filter Holders.
  • Spacing of approx. 55mm to Sensor, which can be fine-tuned with our T2 spacers.
  • For DSLR cameras, a T-Thread adaptor of approx. 8-10mm thickness is required.
  • The standard 2" OD barrel will fit any 2" format telescope just like an eyepiece.
  • The base of the 2" OD barrel is threaded for 2" filters.
  • CNC machined body with black anodised finish. Internal matte black anti reflection coating.
  • Includes a CNC machined T-threaded end-cap to protect against dust on the rear lens element which is more exposed than the front element. A 2" plastic dust cap is included for the front barrel.

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Product Code LW-0.8xRED
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