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Lightwave HYPERWIDE 100° eyepiece 20mm 2"

Lightwave HYPERWIDE 100° eyepiece 20mm 2"
Altair Lightwave Hyperwide TM 100 degree FOV eyepiece Altair Lightwave Hyperwide TM 100 degree FOV eyepiece
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The Lightwave Hyperwide TM 2" 20mm Eyepiece features an amazing 100 degree apparent field of view, for a truly immersive viewing experience. The apparent field of view is so wide, that one doesn't really notice the field-edges.
This is achieved by means of a computer designed 9-element optical system which delivers a high contrast image with excellent edge sharpness at a wide variety of focal lengths. Colour correction is very well maintained across the field, and the normal aberrations present in optical systems are very well controlled. Lateral colour aberrations are controlled by the use of special dispersion glasses doped with rare-earth elements.
Blackened lens edges, and fully multicoated internal surfaces enhance image contrast, and stars appear as bright, sharp points against a dark background. 
The Lightwave Hyperwide TM 20mm has a comfortable 14.5mm eye relief, and the folding rubber eyeguard eliminates stray light, delivering an immersive experience that is out of this world. 
This eyepiece is quite substantial weighing in at 875 grams, and the oversize shock-absorbing rubber grip and tough metal casing give it a solid, durable feel.
To avoid dewing up, use a 2" - 4" dew heater wrapped around the rubber grip and operate your dew controller with around 30% power to warm the entire eyepiece up. 
The 20mm Lightwave Hyperwide TM eyepiece has the larger format 2" barrel. Your telescope requires a 2" diagonal or focuser. Supplied in a hard box with foam inserts, and dust-caps.
Comment from Altair Astro Staff: We've tested this eyepiece ourselves after reading a positive magazine review, and found the field correction and aberration control to be very good indeed. Day-time viewing is a real treat, and one gets a sense of being right near the subject. Viewing the moon or extended deep-sky objects with the Lightwave Hyperwide TM is just how we imagine looking through a spaceship window might feel. Contrast and sharpness have not been sacrificed to achieve this huge, evenly illuminated field of view, and in our opinion, this is the best value eyepiece of it's type we have been able to source to date. We tried several samples with similar specifications, but this one outperformed them all. Whilst they work very nicely with most telescopes, in particular, we recommend the Altair 102mm 115mm and 130mm refractors for use with these extraordinary eyepieces. These telescopes have naturally flat fields, which really do justice to the enormous 100 degree apparent field of view. If 
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Chris Hume
    Well I've taken the plunge and ordered the 20mm Hyperwide. I've only had a chance to try once so far in my Skywatcher Equinox 120 and this is my first mega-eyepiece.

    By "mega", I mean big! This thing is actually pretty heavy too, and you could easily defend yourself with it!

    Stars are sharp to the edge with a very slight colour on Vega but only when it's moved right to the edge. This is probably the scope, and you almost find yourself craning your neck to look see the field edge anyway.

    On the moon there was no blackout effect, and detail was crisp and sharp just like they said it would be. I've got a small eyepiece collection so far, but its easily the best and most impressive eyepiece I've ever owned, and at a really good price too. The package arrived the next day, (Bristol) so I can't ask for more really.

    Once again, this eyepiece is big. Bigger than the pictures lead you to believe. Be prepared ! It's like those hamburger ads in reverse. It looks small in the picture but it's whopper, and my other eyepieces look like fries :)
  • Author: Nick Banks
    recently received of my 100 degree 20mm and I'm utterly chuffed to bits after my first night trying it out with my Skywatcher 100mm ED.

    The field is reasonably flat (for a refractor) and the eyepiece doesn't worsen colour aberration in any way. Eye relief is fine for my needs, and it can easily be used for day observing without any kidney bean effect. Makes it easy to find aeroplanes too.

    I can't criticise the size of this eyepiece because I understand it's necessary (although it could be prettier), but do make sure your scope has a decent quality focuser and mechanics because this is a large eyepiece. To give you some idea, it doesn't actually fit in my eyepiece case - that's how large this thing is. I'll probably keep it in a tupperware plastic case or something with some foam from the box.

    This is a very low intro price for what you get, and I really have no complaints. These Taiwanese optics are just as good as anything else on the market in my view and coatings are top quality day or night.
  • Author: Daniel Hendries
    I've just spent a day with this altair hyperwide 20 and I'm getting use to it now. They said it was big, but this gives a huuuge field of view with very sharp and vibrant colours throughout. So far I haven't used it at night-time at all - but spent some time using it for daytime viewing at Holkam this weekend. Needless to say, it drew some interest and quite a few strange looks from our conservative friends. The strange looks were replaced with looks of wonder when I offered it up for a gander with my 102 APO (and 2" image erecting prism or course).

    This combination is simply unreal for long distance birding or looking for seals and other marine life. These wides are especially good for scanning across large areas or just waiting to pick up any kind of movement due to the large field of view.

    My Manfrotto geared head handled the whole lot perfectly well, but beware you'll need to balance this beastie before comfortable viewing is possible because it's heavy enough to unbalance things a bit. If you rack the focuser out a bit then I'd suggest even re-balancing it. It's the size of a small camera lens.

    I'll try it for astro-viewing soon and my initial impressions are very good.

    Hope this mini-review helps.

  • Author: Mike Galvin
    Just got my 20/100 deg this morning and so far I've done the tree-top test and clouds plus a few chimneys and a radio mast. No colour aberration I can see but some field curvature in my F6.5 APO - just as the guys at Altair described in the email. Probably rain solid for days now. Im very happy with what I've seen so far. Bring on the night! Mike (PS: Don't drop this thing on your foot.)
  • Author: Chris Ralph
    The only complaint that I have is that you can't use filters with it, they don't fit, and you can't use dew heater tapes either, there is no-where to put them. The actual ep itself is superb and I highly recommend it. 7/10.
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