Lightwave Refractor Finder Scope Bracket & Rings

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Product information

This finder scope bracket fits the Altair Lightwave 60mm and 80mm refractor telescopes, and can be added to either side of the focuser by removing the small black plastic blanking screw. Everything you need is included to attach the finder scope bracket to the focuser.

Compatibility with finder scopes and auto guiding: These finder rings have a 75mm internal diameter, therefore you can fit a finder scope with about 70mm outer tube diameter to allow the mounting screw tips to protrude, and still leave enough room around the finder body to adjust the finder pointing. The Altair Astro 60mm finder / Miniguider system has a 64mm OD for example, so you can use that OTA for auto-guiding or visual finding.

Tips for mounting finders and auto guiding: If you prefer to use a visual finder for aiming, and an autoguider at the same time, you can simply attach a Red Dot Finder (product code # LW-RDF-SET) to one side of the focuser, and your 60mm Miniguider optical tube to the other side because the focuser has a mounting point on each side at about 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock respectively. The Altair 60mm Miniguider / Finder bracket and base do not fit the Lightwave refractor focusers, therefore you need to buy the Lightwave-compatible base separately, or use your Miniguider in a pair of additional guide scope rings alongside your imaging telescope.


  • 2x finder scope rings with 6x threaded knobs to adjust the finder pointing direction.
  • 1x Raised finder stalk to clear the tube rings and dewshield.
  • 1x Special quick release base for the finder stalk. (Simply remove the finder and stalk as one unit by loosening the side-screw).
  • 1x special screw to fit the quick release base to the Lightwave focuser. (Remove the black plastic grub screws near the front of the focuser at 9 or 6 o'clock and attach the quick release base to either threaded hole. The bracket can be left on the scope in it's case.)
  • Finder & telescope shown in picture are not included. (The image is for illustration purposes to show attachment to the focuser.)

Product Info

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