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Lunt 60mm H-alpha Telescope Feathertouch Focuser & BF1200 Blocking Filter LS60THa-B1200C

Lunt 60mm H-alpha Telescope Feathertouch Focuser & BF1200 Blocking Filter LS60THa-B1200C
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A deluxe version of the Lunt 60mm solar telescope for viewing and imaging the sun in Hydrogen Alpha light. 

The aperture alone is a significant upgrade from the 50mm models, with significantly more detail being visible wether you're using a camera or eyepiece.

What's more, you get the pressure tuning system, the famous made-in-USA Starlight Feathertouch focuser, and the large BF1200 blocking filter which is ideal for both visual observing and imaging.

Summer Special Offer with Altair Sabre Mount and accessories: We are offering some Altair Astro Accessories with this package at a reduced price, including the Altair Sabre Mount, Altair TMS dovetail bar, and Altair Lightwave fixed and zoom eyepieces. Please view the thumbnail images for an example of a similar package. Please call for for a complete package price.

This "Deluxe" version of the Lunt 60mm Solar Telescope is an optical tube only package, which includes the following upgrades as opposed to the standard version of this telescope:

a) The Starlight Feathertouch focuser, which is smoother and more precise than the traditional Crayford focuser.

b) The larger B1200 Blocking Filter, which is better for imaging, because it reduces vignetting (darkening) at the edges of the field. This is an optical tube only package, however you can select accessories from the associated product list below.

c) The Pressure Tuning system, which is an improvement on the tilt-etalon both in performance and tuning consistency.

The large 60mm unobstructed aperture provides a very detailed view of "surface" details, and solar prominences. Imaging of these features at the higher resolution afforded by the larger 60mm aperture brings out amazing detail. The Blocking filter B1200 reduces vignetting for imaging compared to the BF600. The star diagonal in which the blocking filter is installed, has a standard 1.25" push-fiit eyepiece adapter, and a T2 (M42) camera adapter. Fine adjustment is achieved with a Crayford style focuser, which includes a 10:1 ratio dual speed focusing knob for precise focusing.

Recommended accessories: You'll need a 180mm Vixen-format dovetail bar to mount the telescope, and we'd recommend the Altair 180mm TMS Vixen-format dovetail bar because it's long enough for better balancing of the telescope, and what's more, you can attach the famous Altair light-weight 120mm guide scope rings directly to the dovetail bar, taking advantage of the full Altair TMS system if you want to mount the scope side-by-side with precise pointing accuracy on your equatorial mount.

The Lunt Hydrogen Alpha Solar telescopes up to 60mm aperture are the perfect companion to the iOptron Cube PRO or Cube-A ultra-portable GOTO mounts for very fast and convenient setup in the field. For larger Lunt telescopes we'd recommend the iOptron Minitower v2. All iOptron mounts enable "one star alignment" on the sun (of course!) allowing for many hours of accurate solar tracking.

We recommend the Altair Lightwave Long Eye Relief eyepieces with this telescope which offer good contrast and eye relief with a high rubber eyecup to reduce external light intrusion on a sunny day.

Package Includes:

Optical Tube, Aperture: 60mm, Focal length: 500 mm
Transport Case & tube ring.
Bandwidth: internal Etalon with <0.75 Angstrom
Tuning: Pressure Tuned Etalon
Blocking Filter: B1200 with 1.25" and T2 connection
Focuser: Starlight Feathertouch focuser with 10:1 reduction
Weight: 2.9 kg
Length: 39 cm

(Dovetail plate is not included, we recommend the Altair TMS 1.75" format 180mm dovetail plate).

More about the Lunt Pressure Tuner System:

The air pressure of the atmosphere varies, depending on if you are at sea level or on a mountain. Unfortunately all sensitive Etalon filter systems respond to these small changes in air density caused by natural air pressure variations, weather, etc.
The wavelength range passed  through the HQ filter shifts as the air pressure changes. This shifting is indeed minimal, but at bandwidths of less than one Angstrom it is visible. If the filter is not adjusted precisely to the H-alpha wavelength, the image of the sun through the telescope degrades, and prominences and surface details become less  visible.
Therefore, the Etalon filter systems have to be adjusted to the prevailing air pressure at their location. This “Tuning” called adjustment is typically done by a mechanical tilting of the filter. At sizes of a few Angstrom, it is obviously not easy to achieve the exact adjustment by mechanical tilting. And because the filter is no longer perfectly straight in the beam path, but slightly oblique, there may also be optical artefacts such as a band of clarity passing over the sun's surface, often referred to by solar observers as the "Sweet Spot" which moves slightly as the mechanical etalon is tuned. This isn't necessarily a bad thing and it's less visble on smaller aprtures, but there are now systems which avoid these issues all-together.
The new air-pressure system “Pressure Tuner” by Lunt Solar Systems is a new design. The Etalon filter is not tilted to only simulate a change to the air pressure, but the air pressure in the filter system is in fact adapted to 100 percent of the real external air pressure. Therefore the air surrounding the Etalon can simply be compressed or decompressed by the tuning system in order to change the air pressure between the surfaces. This allows the Etalon surfaces to always remain at the same perfect angle to the incoming light waves, and instead of tilting, the system changes the refractive index of the air in the chamber instead. This accomplishes the same tuning effect except that variation is constrained to around + or - 0.4 Angstroms to either side of the centre tolerance. Therefore, the patent-pending “Pressure Tuner” system from Lunt Solar Systems is also called “True Doppler Tuning”, and it achieves much better results than conventional tuning systems. 
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