LUNT LS100THa/DSII double stack module for LS100THa

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Product information

Double-stack module for higher contrast and more details at the solar surface at LS100THa telescopes.

The LS100THa H-alpha solar telescopes can be double-stacked by using a LS100FHa filter, or by using this internal DSII double-stack modules. Double-stacking with LS100FHa filter (article number 0550400) is the professional but expensive way. The DSII double-stack modules are a reasonably priced possibility for double-stacking. The DSII modules will reduce the bandwidth to <0.5 Angstroms. The DSII module is designed to provide enhanced surface detail, allowing for higher contrast views of the filaments and active regions.
The LS100THa/DSII module is designed only for using at LS100THa telescopes, it cannot be used at any other telescopes.
PLEASE NOTE: Only usable at LS100THa telescopes with red anodized front cell on the scope! Not usable at old LS100THa telescopes without the red front cell!

Please note: The DSII modules will also produce reflections that will be visible as strong glow around the sun. This glow is no problem by observing the solar surface. But it could be a problem by observing prominences, and some observers find this glow distracting. This reflections could be effectively reduced by using the additional available anti-reflection-filter HRG100DS (article number 0551491).

  • Bandwidth: <0.5 Angstrom
  • Tuning: air-pressure tuning system 
  • DSII module with internal Etalon for LS100THa telescopes
  • Pressure Tuner system

(LS100THa telescope not included!)

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