M48 to C-Mount Adaptor Converter for GPCAM

Product code: M48-5-CMOUNT
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Product information

This adaptor lets you can use your GPCAM with Altair and Starwave Reducers with M48 rear thread.

The M48 Female Filter-Thread to C-Mount Male Adaptor let's you attach your GPCAM to various M48 accessories such as field flatteners with M48 rear male thread. 

The converter increases the optical path length by 1mm, and provides an extremely rigid connection when converting between threads, without misalignment. It has an M48 Female Filter-Thread on one side, and a C/CS Mount Male thread on the other side.

"Easy Grip" scalloped outer ring makes the ring easier to tighten or loosen to reduce sag between camera and telescope. It makes it easy to attach and detach without getting the adaptor "stuck" and it acts as a flange upon which to align the components accurately, without flex. Tip: A VERY small amount of wax on the threads will make the product easier to remove after extended use.

How to use it with GPCAM and Altair Magnetic Filter Holder:

It adds 1mm to the light path so be sure to subtract that value from your existing back-focus requirement (usually 55mm total to sensor). So with a GPCAM and a flattener with 55mm back focus requiremet and M48 rear male thread, you would subtract 1mm from 55mm and to use the GPCAM you would subtract another 12.5mm (for the CS/C mount flange to the camera sensor). Therefore the total remainder is 55-1-12.5 = 41.5 to make up with spacers or an Altair Magnetic Filter holder.

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GTIN 0747742378553
Brand Altair
Product Code M48-5-CMOUNT
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