NEWTONIAN Coma Corrector 0.95x Maxfield

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2" MaxField Coma Corrector for Newtonian Telescopes - suitable for Cameras up to full frame size Sensors
This Newtonian coma corrector combines the advantages of the short 2-element coma correctors with the outstanding field correction of the Wynne corrector and the GPU. The corrector is usable with any Newtonian with a 2" focuser. It provides 100% ilumination up to 35 mm diameter and 95% illumination up to 43 mm diameter, so the MaxField Coma Corrector is even suitable for cameras with full-frame size sensors.

On Astrobin you will find many exciting astrophotos with the Maxfield coma corrector. See for yourself how well the corrector works.

The advantages of the 2" MaxField coma corrector over the older GPU coma corrector:
Star sharpness on the axis and in the filed is comparable. But with 72 mm length (length of the 2" barrel), the corrector is significantly shorter than the GPU which has 100 mm length.

Thus the MaxField corrector has two advantages:

  • The focuser does not protrude into the inside of the telescope even if it is completely sunk into the focuser.
  • The illuminated field is by more than 20% larger than the field of the GPU, due to the shorter length.

The advantages of the 2" MaxField coma corrector over the short 2-element coma correctors:
The TS MaxField consists, like the Wynne correctors, of three lenses. The stars on the axis and in the field become finer and smaller than simple Ross correctors can provide. Especially the new astro cameras with very small pixels show the difference very clearly.

Furter features of the MaxField Coma Corrector:

  • Versatile - usable for photography and for observation with an optional 2" adapter
  • Flexible camera adaption with the M48x0.75 thread
  • M48 adapters for DSLR available
  • 55 mm working distance - suitable for DSLR cameras and also for astro cameras like the ones from ZWO
  • Very good multi-coated optics for highest sharpness without distracting reflections
  • Reduces the focal length by the factor 0.95. The focal plane is not changed.
  • The corrector fits to any Newtonian with 2" focuser and a working distance of at least 60 mm. These prerequisites are fulfilled by almost all Newtonian telescopes on the market.

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Product Code T-969KNDWAWD-67
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